5 Signs That Your Breakup Will Actually Make You Happier

Relationships are fun and exciting and should always be filled with love. Of course, there will be arguments here and there, but you always find a way to get through them. However, some relationships just don’t last, and when that happens, it’s never fun. Sometimes breakups are for the best, and after the initial separation, you will be happier in the end. Everyone deserves to feel loved and wanted, so we have put together five signs to look for in your relationship that will actually make you happier once it is over.

You Don’t See A Future With Them


Let’s face it, a lot of people date and get into a relationship because they see some a future with them. It doesn’t have to be marriage, but at least knowing they’re going to be in your life for a long time is usually what people are looking for. If you didn’t see this in your relationship, it probably meant that you two wouldn’t last very long.

There is always the butterfly stage where you feel inseparable, but after that wears off, and you start to feel like you don’t see the relationship going anywhere, it’s probably for a reason. Be glad you let that go now than waiting too much longer with someone you weren’t all that happy with.

They Are Always On Your Nerves


Nothing is more frustrating than having someone you don’t really like always bothering you. It’s like that annoying younger sibling or that kid in your class that drives everybody crazy except they’re someone you are in a relationship with. Everything thing they say makes you roll your eyes or just irritates you to an extreme level. If this is the case, might be time to throw in the towel.

It could be something as simple as they come home from work and you’re instantly put in a bad mood just because they’re home. Or it could be because of the way they talk to you and ask you questions, always driving you crazy. If this is your relationship, it’s time to let go. Once you do all those random anger flare up’s will go away, and you will be happier in the end.

The Relationship Is Toxic


If the relationship is not healthy for a multitude of reasons it is time to end it. If they make you feel sorry for hanging out with your friends without them or if you are doing better than them and they don’t support your success. You end up pushing your friends away and ultimately losing some of them to spend time with your partner. If you have experienced any of these or are currently dealing with this, leave the relationship.

Not to mention if there has been cheating and lying in the relationship it will be hard to repair your trust again. No matter how much they try to win you back and promise they won’t do it again, there will always be the thought in the back of your mind of if it happens again.

It Felt More Like A Chore Than A Relationship


The beginning of relationships are always fun and light but as time goes on the real test of love begins. As your relationship has progressed has it kept that same fun, and light feel just with more comfortableness or has it started to feel like you have to put in work to even keep it remotely happy? If your relationship feels more draining than it does uplifting you two might have hit a bump in the road that doesn’t seem repairable.

If you two are arguing about missing the “old versions” of each other, going to other friends and family for emotional support, instead of them or just simply think about not wanting to be together anymore, it is time for this relationship to be over. You won’t have to worry about what argument will come next or how to fix it, you will be happy and free instead of feeling trapped.

You Wonder What Else Is Out There


You see these couples who are so happy and in love that it seems like nothing can stop them. Of course, every relationship has its ups and downs, but if you are genuinely in love, you won’t ever wonder what or who else is out there. If you are always wondering who else is out there for you instead of thinking about your current relationship, you will probably be happier if you just let this one go.

Being secure in your relationship is a must and when that security goes away what’s really keeping it going? Having doubts and thoughts about finding someone else is a sign that this relationship won’t last and you both will be happier when it’s over. It might not be easy to let them go but think about your happiness first and go with your gut feeling.

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