13 Tips For Supreme Happiness This Summer




I think there’s never a bad time to work on yourself and being happy.  It’s summer but just because it’s warmer and light out doesn’t always mean that you’re going to be happier. For my fellow college seniors, this summer seems almost sacred because it’s the last one before you’re out in the real world and that’s stressful!  So for everyone; put the stress aside, read these tips, find a new hobby or start a wellness routine because you’re going to find happiness this summer.

Here are some fairly simple tips to find happiness this summer!



Meditate. It sounds corny or like it won’t work but it does and it will seriously lift your mood. You can even download an app to help you with it.

Say No.


Learn to say no.  If you don’t want to go to something you can say no! And you don’t owe anyone an explanation.


Get a pet


Pets rock. Dogs are the best thing ever and not sure what we ever did to deserve them.  The unconditional love a pet brings is sure to boost your happiness!

Cut back on social media.


If you find that social media stresses you out than limit your time on it. Instagram is a sea of comparison because you see gorgeous girls with perfect hair, perfect makeup, and perfect bodies. But remember most of the time they probably have extensions and a filter and they’re really sucking in for that picture.  So simply, don’t compare yourself because for every good Instagram picture there are 50+ bad ones!

Create a routine.


Create a ritual. Whether its yoga or a bubble bath it sets aside time for you to enjoy, relax and to clear your mind.

Step out of your comfort zone.


Do something that scares.  This sounds completely uncomfortable but uncomfortable feelings don’t last for forever.  Think about that first day of college or that first week. It gets so much better and those uncomfortable feelings subside.


Stop the crazy fad diets.


Eat! That’s right cutting carbs can drop serotonin levels so you reallllllly need them. Not eating carbs is sad.  There’s a better way to be healthy!

Drink tea.


Drink green tea. Green tea has amazing benefits, it’s very calming and soothing so remember that next time you need a break!

Be Creative


Find a creative outlet! Start a blog, starting writing or drawing. Making music or anything that you look forward too. It will help you to de-stress, it will make you happy and who knows, maybe it will be your job one day!


Don’t sweat the small stuff.


Let go of the small stuff that’s only making you upset. Your roommate didn’t do the dishes. Your friend ditched you to hang out with her boyfriend. None of it is about you, it’s about the other person!! Let it go, you’ll be much happier not worrying about it or letting it annoy you. On the opposite side of the spectrum, everyone says let it go which is way easier said than done. Just try, learning to let go will only be an asset to you and your happiness.

Be positive.


Put out positive energy. Again it may sound corny but you get what you give. Focusing on the positive will truly only benefit you just as negative energy will bring you down. If it’s negative in your life, cut it out, including negative toxic people! But start small before you start getting rid of friends, following an Instagram with positive quotes is a small reminder because you’ll see it everytime you check your feed.

Make family time.


Stay connected to family. Maybe you call your mom or dad every other day because it keeps you grounded, or facetime your siblings because you don’t live with them. If talking to family makes you happy, then do it!

Don’t stress about the future.


Stop stressing about the future. Again a cliche and easier said than done but it seems like a lot of people feel like after college you have a small amount of time to be successful or else your life is doomed.  That’s not true!! You have the rest of your life to be successful and thinking that you don’t will only add pressure. Sure there are young people under 30 who are very successful, but that’s the exception, not the rule. There are way more people who are over 30 and successful it doesn’t happen overnight.  Creating a timeline for success will only stress you out.

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