New Study Proves That Waking Up Early Decreases Depression

You’re either a morning person or not, it’s that simple. There are tons of tricks and tips on how to become a morning person, I’ve tried them all, but sadly none has really worked for me. But now this new study by the Journal of Psychiatric Research might convince me to change my ways. Their new research shows that waking up early can benefit your mental health.

Reported by Harper’s Bazaar, the new research shows that people who wake up early in the morning are at a lower risk of depression. Early birds are less likely to get depressed because they have more exposure to sunlight.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder and the Channing Division of Network Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital researched how your mood and sleep schedule could be correlated.

The researchers pulled their information from 32,470 female nurses. The nurses’ average age was 55. The team monitored this group for four years. They monitored their physical activity, disease and body weight among other things. The nurses reported on their sleep patterns through two questionnaires taken two years apart.

When the study started in 2009 no one was diagnosed with depression. According to Harper’s Bazaar 37% of the participants described themselves as morning people, 53% said they woke up at an average time and only 10% described themselves as night owls.

The morning people had a 12% to 27% lower risk of getting depression.

So what can those night owls do to help their mental health? Lead author, Celine Vetter said, “Try to get enough sleep, exercise, spend time outdoors, dim the lights at night, and try to get as much light by day as possible.”

So wake up early or get outside to help your mental health! Stop hitting the snooze button, it’ll help you in the end.

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