10 Easy-Peasy Life Hacks That Your Body Will Thank You For



Health is a consistent marathon, not a sprint.  If only we could eat salad for a few days and be instantly healthy!  If you’re trying to be healthier, start small and work your way up. Something as simple as drinking more water can hugely benefit your body!

Here are 12 simple, lazy and easy-peasy hacks to add into your daily routine that will make you healthier!

Drinking Warm Lemon Water


Starting your day off with warm, lemon water has a list of amazing benefits. It debloats, kick-starts your metabolism, is great for skin, flushes out toxins, gives you more energy and fights off inflammation. Ya! Pass the warm lemon water this way.

Do a Face Mask


This is relaxing, it’s time for yourself and it will help to detox pores, hydrate the skin or make you glow depending on what kind of mask you use. You never regret helping your skin!



Take a stretch break! This is especially good if you’re working at a computer all day.  Your muscles will thank you, it’ll feel good and it will keep your body from feeling achey.

Grab a Water


Say no to sodas and juices. Drinking water is just so much better! It keeps your body hydrated, it has no calories and it will keep your skin hydrated and clear.

Eat Breakfast


It’ll start your metabolism and your stomach will thank you.

Change Your Pillowcase


Sounds weird but you should be changing your pillowcase weekly.  You put your face on it daily and even if you wash clean your face diligently, you’re still gonna produce oils and will probably even drool on it while your sleeping.  If you’re experiencing breakouts try changing your pillowcases weekly!

Get a New Pillow


If you’re having allergies an old pillow could be the culprit. Sounds odd but fungus and germs can live in your pillow. Ew!

Get Fresh Air


If you’re working inside all day take a break to walk outside and get some fresh air. Even if it’s just to get a coffee. Fresh air will clear your mind for a little bit and give you the energy you need to get through your day.

Take The Stairs


Again if you’re sitting at a desk all day, taking the stairs is a great way to help circulation and it’s a mini glutes workout!

Take a Bath


A bath is sooooo relaxing!! It’s great for easing sore muscles and clearing your mind.  Take one with bubbles or a bath bomb to up the me time!

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