10 People You Will Meet At Your Internship

Congrats on being a professional and scoring that internship! Whether you are drafting full memos or making coffee runs–here are the ten characters you are sure to meet. No matter how you feel about your co-workers, do your best to stay in their good graces as you never know who may hook you up with your next big job opportunity. The real question is–out of all the types of people you will meet this summer–which one are you?

1. The Shoo-In


Bradford is nice but…he just does not seem quite up-to-par with the rest of your intern group. Also, he is still in high school. Give it a few weeks and soon Annie from marketing will let it slip that Bradford’s uncle is the VP. Try not to hold this against him–unless he insists on holding it over you.

2. The Returner


She had this internship last summer and is back–and really knows what she is doing. The returner can be a little aloof at times but when you need to find conference room #6–she is your girl.

3. The Gossip


Before you have even had the chance to retrieve your left-over pasta from the break room fridge they will have told you all about the boss’ divorce. Befriend the gossip but do not emulate their antics or over-share about yourself–unless you want everyone on the floor to know the nitty-gritty about your fling last summer.


4. The Overqualified One


We get it. You go to Harvard. But last time I checked we are working on the same Excel Spreadsheet so you can zip it.

5. The Crush


He really knows how to match his ties to his eyes and one time he smiled at you during a lunch meeting and you swallowed a grape whole. You call your sister after work and tell her how he is just so nice. When you are paired together on a project be sure not to be distracted by his flowy hair as he may use it to make you do all the work.

6. The Beautiful One


When you stumble in from your morning commute sweaty with your mascara running–she is still frizz free and fabulous. And how does she commute every day in those sky-high heels? It is not fair. Just focus on not rolling your eyes when she compliments your boss on his weird plaid tie and you will be fine. Also–are she and the crush hooking up? Most likely.


7. The Hungover One


The shades inside are a dead give-away buddy. Slide them a cup of water and ask where they went last night because clearly–it was fun. But maybe save your outing for a weekend because the sweaty speed-walking to the bathroom for an obvious hurl-break is a bad look.

8. The Overenthusiastic One


“I just finished the project you gave me this morning and updated the entire database, do you need anything else Boss?” you hear coming from the cubicle next to you every day. They are over-competitive and refuse to help you with your work. You wish they would lay off the caffeine and stop making you look bad but honestly, they are annoying the boss too as their rushed work is chalk-full of typos and incomplete ideas.

9. The One You Already Knew


She is your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s sorority sister and you went to neighboring high schools and played on the same soccer team in middle school. She is pretty cool and thankfully invites you out for drinks after work on the first Friday. You have plenty to talk about–just keep your fingers crossed she does not tell the entire office you used to rock headgear.


10. Your Work BFF


They are your saving grace. They are there when you need a confidential vent session or a tampon. Do your best to stay in contact after the summer is over and who knows, you may have a friend for life–or at least a new reliable networking resource.

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