Summer In San Francisco: Top 10 Things To Do

Whether you’re visiting the San Francisco Bay Area this summer or call SF your home, I wanted to share some recommendations for my favorite summer activities in the area! I lived in San Francisco for almost a year and loved all of these activities.

1.  Lands End

Lands End has the most beautiful sunset, breathtaking scenery, hikes and so much more!

2. Dolores Park

This park is peak San Francisco. There’s no other way to describe it. You have to go there to experience it – eclectic vibes, sunshine (unless Carl the Fog as SFers call it disturbs) and fun.

3. Kirby Cove 

After a 25 min hike, arrive at a private cove level with and overlooking the golden gate – and enjoy a swing on the water!

4. Sail across the SF Bay

Sailing in the SF Bay is a great way to spend a summer day. Check out San Francisco Sailing Company – this is the company I used!

5. Ocean Beach

This is a beach in the Sunset district of SF. It’s a fun place for beach bonfires.

6. Hike in Marin or at Angel Island

Christmas Tree Hill is one of my favorite hikes in Marin. It’s such a beautiful area and makes for a great outdoor day trip. Angel Island is only a short ferry away from San Francisco – expect a beautiful hike with views of the city.

7.  Enjoy a Fun Outdoor Meal or Brunch

The Tipsy Pig is a fun brunch and party spot and Sweet Maple is also fun with yummy omelets & pancakes, but Raw Sugar Factory is my favorite brunch spot in the city! After brunch, you can head to Dolores Park (#2 on my list!)

8. Take the ferry to Sausalito

You can also take a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to get to Sausalito and then take the ferry back. Sausalito is a quaint town with gorgeous scenery, wonderful shopping and incredible food. Scoma’s Sausalito is my favorite restaurant in the town – you can eat with a water view! Sausalito is a can’t-miss spot if you’re in the Bay Area.

9. Take the CalTrain to Stanford & visit Palo Alto

Palo Alto is one of my favorite places in the world. Stanford is a must-see – lined with palm trees, stunning architecture and more. Downtown Palo Alto is filled with quaint shops, incredible restaurants and interesting “Bay Area” specials like coworking spaces.

10. Go to Sonoma or Napa

When I lived in San Francisco, a bunch of friends and I took a Chariot (reasonably priced car service) to Sonoma and had an incredible time bonding over wine tastings and exploring the vineyards.

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