The Best Reactions To Canada’s Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana

Oh, Canada… More like oh, cannabis. The Canadian Senate has officially passed Bill C-45, named the Cannabis Act, that will legalize recreational marijuana use throughout the entire country. A significant majority of the Senate approved, with the final vote resting at 52-29 in favor of legalization. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explains this decision by pointing out that since people are going to smoke anyway, then it makes sense to regulate marijuana in order to keep products safe for consumption and direct the financial gain towards the country rather than towards criminals.

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There has been significant discussion about legalizing weed in Canada for over a year now. It was first proposed in April 2017, before moving on to the House of Commons in November and then eventually working its way into the Senate this week. Canada has become the second country to legalize mairjuana production, sale and consumption since Uruguay did so in December 2013. It the first G-7 Nation to federally legalize cannabis and the Cannabis Act is expected to have a substantial impact on Canada’s economy.

The rules for marijuana usage are clearly spelled out in the bill. People will be allowed to possess up to 30 grams of legal marijuana in public and grow up to four plants within their homes. Weed will not be sold in the same locations as alcohol or tobacco and amendments have been made to Canadian impaired driving laws to include consequences for driving while high. The Cannabis Act sets the minimum age of consumption at 18 to discourage minors from participating, although specific provinces are allowed to increase this age.

Canadians–and Americans, for that matter–have a wide range of opinions about the legalizatiion of recreational marijuana. From the hilarious to the helpful to the hateful, here are some of the best internet reactions to Canada’s new legislation.

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