Who is Awkwafina?




Born Nora Lum, Awkwafina is an American comedian, rapper and actress. So basically she’s cool and she’ll crack you up. She’s starring in Ocean’s Eight, a girl comedy that comes out on June 8th.

Let’s take a look at who Awkwafina is!

Early Life


Awkwafina was born in Queens to a Chinese dad and a Korean mom. Her parents owned a Cantonese restaurant growing up.  In 2014, Awkwafina told Mochi Magazine that she just learned to, “cook chicken breast in a pan. I feel invincible.”  She didn’t follow in her parent’s culinary footsteps!

She began playing the trumpet at age 11.  She attended famed, LaGuardia High School in NY (Nicki Minaj went here.) She then went on to SUNY Albany and used her weird and quirky personality and talent to make music on GarageBand.

After College


She graduated with a journalism degree but always loved music. In 2013, her comedy rap, “My Vag” went viral and put her on the map. She later came out with another rap called, “Yellow Ranger” in 2014.

Before rapping, Awkwafina told Galore Magazine, about her weird jobs. She worked at an air conditioning company, a book company, a bodega and an office company. The office company fired her when “My Vag” came out.

Awkwafina told Forbes, “[You] have to do that thing that sets you apart.” Her name is a play on her awkwardness. Including her glasses and her personality. “Confidence is cool.”



Today Awkwafina, 30, is a rapper, author, comedian and actress.

In 2015, she came out with a book called Awkwafina’s NYC, a New York city guide.

She’s appeared on MTV’s Girl Code in 2013 and co-hosted the show Girl Code Live in 2015.

Her EP, ‘In Fina We Trust’ comes out June 8th. The same day her movie, Ocean’s Eight premieres. She’s also set to appear in Crazy Rich Asians which is set to release in August.


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