Watch Blue Ivy Be Completely Embarrassed By Beyonce & Jay-Z, Proving No Parents Are Cool

Blue Ivy Beyonce Jay-Z Grammys

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It’s hard to be Blue Ivy Carter.

Just when you think everything is going great, your family welcomes two babies. You have to tell your parents to be quiet at award shows. And now, you have to sit through their intimate concert video.

During Beyoncé and JAY-Z‘s On the Run Tour II in London last week, a fan taped Blue’s reaction to the couple’s NSFW home videos. Clearly from the 6-year-old’s reaction, it got a little personal — AKA totally embarrassing for her. Watch as Blue’s face turns from happy to confusion and horror, turning away from the stage and covering her eyes before opting to duck completely. She has to keep checking if the coast is clear, and then finally comes back up to enjoy the show.

And you thought your parents were bad. At least they don’t get naked in bed together then show it to the world.

Apart from that small incident, Blue seemed to enjoy the show. However, she did have to show her pal how to put the diamond up.

Is there a better hype girl around? We think not.

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