Everything You Need To Know About ‘This Is Us’ Season 3





Season 2 of This Is Us ended on some cliffhangers, which the show is known to do. Is Beth dead? Why are they going to Vietnam? How did Kevin and Zoe get together? And most importantly, will we Jack ever grace our screens?

We have no doubt season 3 is going to be just as emotional. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming season of This Is Us.

1. Season 3 premieres on September 25.


In June NBC confirmed that the Pearson family will be returning to the silver screen on September 25 at 9 P.M. EST. The premiere takes place roughly one month after the big three and Jack’s birthdays.

2. Production started in June 2018.


Production for season 3 started in June 2018. On June 20 Many Moore posted a video of her getting her face molded for prosthetics. The prosthetics will be used in the current scenes when she’s “old” Rebecca.

3. Jack is back!


Even though Jack’s death was finally revealed in season 2 (damn that Crockpot) he will be around for season 3 thanks to flashbacks. The season will talk about his youth and time in the army in Vietnam.

4. Beth is alive.


Susan Kelechi Watson confirmed that her character Beth is not dead. Show creator Dan Fogelman told her that she has nothing to worry about and that they aren’t killing off her character. Season 3 will focus on Beth’s backstory, something that hasn’t been done yet.

5. “Her” isn’t who you think it will be.


In the final scene in season 2 Sterling K Brown’s character, Randall is asking future Tess that “it’s time to go see her.” Sterling said he know who the “her” is referencing to but can’t share. He did reveal that it’s someone viewers will not expect. Chrissy Metz said the reveal is “heartbreaking.”

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