How Long You Should Stay Single After A Breakup

Going through breakups are emotional roller coaster everyone experiences. Everyone has different ways of going through the healing process and moving forward with their lives. The truth is, there’s no right or wrong way to heal after a breakup. No matter how many books you read on moving on, or dates you go on to try to get over it, you move at your own pace and that’s perfectly fine.

Majority of what we struggle with is finding the right time to get back out there. Many will question, was that the “right” thing to do? Was my decision not to get back out there and start dating again right away just an excuse to avoid opening up to someone? Was it healthy to spend so much time on my own? The only way to know if and when you’re ready to start dating again in once you believe that you are. Keeping these tips in mind will help you find answers to these questions you’re constantly asking yourself.

There’s No Rush To Start Dating Again

Dating isn’t going anywhere. You will always have an opportunity to meet someone new. There is no exact right amount of time to be single, and that it all comes down to how you are feeling. You shouldn’t start dating again until you’ve processed and packaged what happened and you’ve moved forward emotionally. Take this time and use it to reflect on your state of mind and determine whether you’re ready for someone new or not.

If you feel like you’re ready to get back out there, then go for it. And if you feel like you just need some time to yourself, that’s okay too. There are some pretty solid reasons why taking a little more time than you might think to get over an ex will save you some trouble in your next relationship. Always keep that in mind. The more time you spend focusing on yourself helps you figure out what you truly want and are looking for in your next relationship.

Taking The Time You Need Will Save You Heartache

The only way you’ll finally be able to accept what another person can give you is once you realize you have the capability of giving it to yourself. When your heart is hurting, it may seem like all you need is to find someone new to fill that void. While that may work in the short-term, it comes with some risks, including picking the wrong partner. You’ll be choosing out of fear and insecurity, rather than confidence and clearly defined relationship goals.

Doing lots of soul-searching can help you find yourself and the qualities that you have and that you want in another person. Everything is a learning experience. You want to make sure that you give yourself enough time to reflect on what you’ve learned and how it’s impacted what you want.


Keep Moving Forward Not Backwards

Your past relationship is in the PAST so keep it there. No matter how many time you think you should go back everything happens for a reason, and there’s a reason you both are not together. This is your time to realize and recognize that reason. You will finally know when you’re past it when you don’t find yourself constantly thinking about it. Before you know it hours or even days will go by without you having flashbacks of your old relationship.

You will know that you’re ready to move on when you know you are just fine by yourself but would like to share yourself with another person. The idea is that you are not angry or bitter about previous relationships and don’t feel pressure to be involved because that’s the expectation you or others have of you.

Remember there are no set rules to moving on. This is your time and no one knows what you need better than yourself so trust your gut. Always keep these thoughts in the back of your mind when you start questioning if you’re ready to get back out there. Take a second and think to yourself, “Have I taken all the time I’ve needed, or do I still have some healing to do.”

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