This Lipstick’s Sales Is Helping Reunite Families Separated At The Border

If you are like many other worried Americans when it comes to the recent Zero Tolerance Policy put into effect by President Trump or want to take a stand against sexual assault scandals in Hollywood or just want to help make a difference in today’s society, Lipslut cosmetics was created just for you. Lipslut has only been around since the end of 2016 but has already made headlines for its unique platform. They have been featured on Fox News, Teen Vogue, The Huffington Post and more for not only their beauty products but what they stand for.

Here is everything you need to know about Lipslut and where their proceeds are going from the F*ck Trump lipstick Zero Tolerance Campaign.

What Is Lipslut?

Lipslut is a cosmetic company that started after the 2016 presidential election. It was founded in Los Angeles by a group of people who wanted to voice their opinions and make a difference in society. “We pride ourselves on taking action and putting our money where our mouth is,” stated on their website. They have created two liquid lipsticks since their startup, F*ck Hollywood and F*ck Trump.

F*ck Hollywood was created because of the number of sexual assault scandals in Hollywood within the past few years. They give 50% of the proceeds to anti-sexual assault organizations to do their part and help as much as they can.

F*ck Trump was created to fight against the Trump administration. They donate 50% of these proceeds to civil rights organizations who have been targeted by the Trump administration.

Their products are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Zero Tolerance Campaign

Just when you thought Lipslut was doing everything they can to help out society, they went above and beyond to create their new Zero Tolerance Campaign. This campaign was designed to help families affected by Trump’s immigration measures. From June 2018 until July 19, 2018, Lipslut will be donating 100%, yes 100% of the profits made from the F*ck Trump lipstick to charities dedicated to helping the affected families.

Even though families will no longer be separated, Lipslut owner Katie Sones does not believe efforts should stop. “While I’m happy to hear that families will no longer be separated, I am still against Trump’s zero-tolerance policy of prosecuting any who cross the border,” Sones said in a statement.

Lipslut will continue to donate to the causes until there is an effective policy change, doing everything they can to help reunite separated families and support those who were affected.

Where To Buy F*ck Trump Lipstick

So you want to be apart of the moment and purchase from Lipslut? They are still a relatively small company with no storefronts, but they do have a website to purchase from. On their website, you will find their mission statement as well as their two lipsticks and other merch they are selling. Each lipstick is selling for $19.95 and claimes to have a bold matte finish, be moisturizing on the lips and last all day long.

Check out their products here, and help them achieve their goals in Making American Great Again, one lipstick sale at a time.

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