6 Bedtime Habits That Might Be Ruining Your Entire Day

Everyone has their nighttime routine; put on pajamas, turn on the TV or read a book and fall asleep, but there might be some things you’re doing that are affecting the way your function the next morning. From late night snacking to staying up late checking social media, you are actually keeping your body from getting the ultimate best night’s sleep. Here are six bedtime habits that might actually be ruining your entire day that you didn’t even know you were doing wrong.

Working Out


Having a workout routine is great for everyone to live a healthy and active life, however, what time you workout is crucial to how the rest of your day will go. Working out tells your body it’s time to be active and wide awake, meaning if you workout late in the evening you’re giving your body that extra boost of energy you probably don’t want right before bedtime.

Leslie Fisher, founder of Sustainable Slumber, a website created to help people get a better night’s sleep says “exercising too late in the day can disrupt your circadian rhythm” or in other terms disrupt the way you sleep by making it difficult to fall and stay asleep. Scheduling your workouts in the afternoon will help prevent you from being wide awake at night even though you’re exhausted from that late night workout.

Or if you’re a morning person try working out early in the morning, it not only gets your workout out of the way but gives you a boost of energy for the rest of the day.



We all know smoking is not great for your health, but we’re not here to tell you to stop, that’s ultimately your decision. However, we are here to tell you to stop lighting up right before bed because it could be affecting the way you fall asleep. According to Psychology Today, the addictive substance in cigarettes, nicotine, is a stimulant. Therefore it releases adrenaline in your body and keeps you awake at night.

Try giving yourself a few hours before bedtime to have your last cigarette instead of making it your bedtime “snack.” This will help keep your relaxed late at night and make you more alert and ready for the next day.


Wind Down Wine Glass


Many people enjoy sipping on a glass of wine or two before bed to help them relax and get to sleep, but doing this actually negatively affects how you sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, even though alcohol is a depressant, which can make you feel drowsy, it has the opposite effect once you get to sleep. It blocks your REM sleep, aggravates your breathing and interrupts your circadian rhythm.

Instead of popping the cork of your favorite wine late at night try switching it out for a glass of hot tea or warm milk instead. They will give you much more calming benefits as well as actually help you get to sleep and stay asleep for you to be wide awake for your day to come.

Checking Social Media


Checking on your social media right before bed seems like it’s just part of the routine nowadays, but it could also be a considerable part affecting the way people are sleeping and in turn going throughout their days in return. Research has shown that checking social media before bed is linked to sleep disturbance among adolescents and adults. When you are looking at vacation selfies and popular celebrity posts they are emotionally stimulating making it difficult to fall asleep.

Also, the blue light that is emitted from your phone, computer and TV screen can interfere with your bodies production of melatonin making it really tough to fall asleep. If you don’t feel like you can give up checking social media or watching TV at night, try buying MVMT glasses. They help protect your eyes from the harsh blue light and make it slightly easier to fall asleep at night.


Late Night Munchies


Everyone loves a late night munch whether it’s ice cream or your favorite salty chips, but there are multiple reasons why you should put them down. The later you eat the more likely your body will store that food as fat and cause you to gain weight super quick. Your body cannot digest the food properly not only causing it to store as bad nutrients in your body but also affect how your body rests.

It can lead to poor digestive cycles that lead to the next day as well as affect how you stay asleep at night. Try to give yourself a few hours before bed to have your last snack. You can do this by having a more filling dinner or having one snack after with protein or healthy fats to help fill you up without having to eat in bed.

Forgetting Skin Care


Sometimes you have gotten in bed and you’re nice and snuggled in but you forgot to wash your face and do your nighttime routine. So you forget to do so and then you wake up the next morning for that important interview and you’ve got a huge blemish on your face, odds are it’s because you didn’t take the time to take care of your skin.

Whether you’re a makeup wearing person or not, washing your face at night is vital to having clear skin. Getting rid of the day’s dirt, sweat and grime off your face will not only help keep your skin looking fresh, but it will also help wind you down after a long day. Just by taking five to 10 minutes at night to pamper yourself will change the way your skin looks in just a short amount of time.

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