8 Real Beach Struggles That Everyone Is Guaranteed To Encounter

Going to the beach can be one of the best parts of the summer. We’ve got you covered with a beach bucket list, the best beach products and the top 10 beaches in America.

Although going to the beach is awesome, there can be some negatives to the experience that can put a huge damper on a beach day.

1. People Who Sit Close To You


This obviously should not matter if the beach is crowded AF on a nice summer day, but when the beach is nearly empty it is annoying when people sit right next to you.

You might’ve had some tunes playing that you now feel like you have to turn down for their sake or you’re left worrying that they will talk to you.

Just let us sunbathe in peace.

2. People Who Play Loud Music


You’re sunbathing in peace when suddenly you hear loud AF music from 2008 from the people by you. While 2008 had some great bops, sometimes you just want to hear the waves without the disruption of music.

Way to kill the mood.

3. Sandy Towels


Towels keep our bums from the horror of the gritty sand but often the sand will make its way onto the towel. So you get up to shake it off and before you know it you’ve delivered a sandstorm to your friend. Now both of your towels are covered in sand. Oops.

4. Kids (Or Adults) Playing


By playing I mean throwing back and forth a beach ball, volleyball, frisbee, etc, etc. The frisbee, in particular, is so unpredictable you cannot help to feel some angst when you see someone tossing one around right by you.

And when you often do get hit by the said object or it falls on your towel the subject will say that it won’t happen again. But it does. No relaxation here.

5. After You Go Swimming


Taking a dip in the ocean is one of the most refreshing feelings on the beach. But once you leave the water you have to dry off. Any sand you get on you since leaving the water is guaranteed to stay stuck to you for the foreseeable future–almost making the dip in the water not worth it.

6. Children Running On Your Towel


Children are great and so cute! But they often are not very aware of their surroundings and can be a damper when you’re trying to relax in quiet on the beach. They don’t mean harm but it can be hard to relax while kids are running around.

7. Reapplying Sunscreen


Sunscreen is necessary for your time on the beach and you have to keep reapplying to make sure you don’t get a painful sunburn. It can be a pain to keep track of the time since you last put on sunscreen and oftentimes you end up with minor damage.

But it is important to protect yourself, although it may be annoying.

8. Finding Leftover Sand…Everywhere


So you’re leaving the beach, you wash off your feet at a sink on the boardwalk. But this doesn’t even cover any territory. You find sand everywhere–in your coverup, bathing suit, flip-flops. Then you find a ton of sand in your beach bag–for weeks after.

Going to the beach is so much fun but these things can really put a damper on your day. But don’t let them bother you too much and just ride with the wave.

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