This Girl Looks Like A Mash-Up Of Ariana Grande & Demi Lovato

Over the week an 18-year-old went viral from a cute, but standard selfie from Pride. The reason why she went viral was that she looks like a cross between Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato.

Samantha Rodriguez’s Twitter blew up and her photo has almost 50,000 likes and over 4,200 retweets.

The photo looks like one of those trick images that when you title your head to right she looks like Lovato.

Demi Lovato

But when you tilt it to the left she’s Grande.

Seriously what is happening? It feels like our brain is broken. Rodriguez told Teen Vogue via DM that she gets compared to Grande more. “I’ve gotten the comment about Ariana quite a lot actually,” she told Teen Vogue. “The Demi comparison was kind of random, I’m assuming because of my chin. I personally don’t see the resemblance to either so all of the attention I’ve gotten is so wild to me.”

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How can she not see the resemblance? It’s uncanny, she looks like their clone. “People have been reaching out to me on all platforms explaining how crazy it is that I can look like two celebrities in one,” she said. “I’ve been called Demi and Ari’s baby so many times now.”

Rodriguez told Teen Vogue that she’s a huge fan of both artists. “I actually love everything about both women and what they stand for,” she said. “They also happen to be extremely gorgeous so to be able to be compared to them both is really an amazing feeling.”

The facts that she has a dog similar to Grande’s also doesn’t help her “I don’t looke like Grande” statement. It’s uncanny!

Her Twitter has been totally crazy since her photo went viral. She tweeted on June 25 that it was “FINALLY calming down.” She should take her diva good looks and run to the bank with it. She should be promoting her Instagram and getting sponsors like crazy.

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