The 7 Low Calorie Drinks To Sip On All Summer

If you’re 21 in the summer you have a world of new drinks to try! Mostly everything is fruity, tropical and sugary. Drinking has tons of hidden calories in it that tend to get overlooked. A sugary drink is awesome and quenching every once in a while but the calories can add up fast!

Whether you don’t like sugary drinks or your looking for something with lower calories, here are 7 drinks to sip on this summer that are under 150 calories!!

Spiked Seltzers

A spiked seltzer is a perfect drink all year round, especially in the summer. They taste like sparkling or seltzer water so you’ll get a hint of bubbly flavor without all the calories.

If you love LaCroix, you’ll love these. Whiteclaw, Svedka, or Spiked Seltzer are all good options!

Vodka soda water with lemon or lime.

Not the most exciting option but low on calories and easy to order at the bar.  Adding extra lemons or lime well totally help to add flavor!

Lite Beer

There is a bunch of lite beers on the market if you like beer! Coors, Miller and Corona all have beers under 110 calories! These are easy to drink and you can easily order them at the bar!

Diet Coke and Rum

Switch out your coke and rum for diet Coke! It’ll taste pretty darn similar with way less calories.

Skinny Girl Margs

Skinny Girl Margs come in a bunch of different flavors and are under 150 calories per serving.  Blend them with ice to really get the margarita experience!

Kombucha Cocktail

Adding vodka to Kombucha is low cal and has health benefits! Who woulda thought?!  Use a fruity flavored kombucha for a fun summer drink.

Trader Joes Simpler Wine

Wine is a little bit harder when it comes to finding a low-calorie option that actually tastes decent. Trader Joes just came out with wine in a can. The Rosé version is 130 calories per can and is sold 4 cans for $4. Cheap and low cal is a win, win!

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According To Science, Your Dog Communicates With You Daily
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