8 Simple Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

Depending on where you live it can get SUPER hot during the summer. In certain areas, it can get humid too. There’s nothing that can put more of a damper on your day than expecting a beautiful day for it to only be extremely hot and humid.

But we don’t think you should let the heat take over your life. We’ve got you covered with some simple ways you can beat the heat this summer so you can get out there and live your life.

1. Take A Cold Shower

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I used to despise immersing my body in cold water but after some research and some absolutely blood chilling first cold showers, I can say they are worth the temporary discomfort. Even just running cold water over your body at the end of a shower can improve circulation as blood is sent throughout your arteries to surround your organs. A study found that cold hydrotherapy (i.e. cold showers) helped to improve moods and had an anti-depressive effect with no bad side effects or creation of dependency.  To decrease muscle soreness after resistant training, cycling or running taking a cold bath with temps between 10-15 degrees Celsius (50F-59F). Taking a cold shower after your workouts would still have a positive effect as well. The longer you go the greater the benefit. It's also believe that alternating hot and cold at the end of a shower after a workout may help reduce pain and speed recovery by decreasing blood lactate concentration.

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A cold shower at first is daunting, but cold showers are actually the best way to unwind after a hot day in the sun. Not only do cold showers also have major health benefits but they are relaxing AF once you get over the initial shock of the temp. Check out this woman’s experience with taking cold showers for a week to see if you’re up to it!

2. Refrigerate Your Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are a great way to prep for a hot day ahead or to unwind from a hot day. Upgrade your sheet mask by throwing it in the fridge for a refreshing effect.

3. Wear Cotton And Linen Fabrics With Flowy Cuts

Jeans can get pretty hot during the summertime and you don’t always want to have to throw on shorts everywhere you go. Your best bet is cotton and linen fabrics that have flowy cuts. This ensures you can keep–ventilated–while still looking fashionable.


4. Get Some Blotting Paper

Many different companies offer types blotting paper to slick that oil off of your face from sweating all day. You could also use those toilet seat covers from public restrooms to get the same effect. Depending on the brand, some can blot your face without taking your makeup off. Blotting sheets are a great way to ensure your face stays fresh all day long!

5. Dash Some Powder In Your Shoes

Dash some talc-free powder in your shoes in order to keep them fresh and dry. The power will abord your foot sweat so your shoes don’t start smelling. Gold Bond offers a foot-specific power, but Johnson’s Baby Powder will work too.

6. Always Keep A Hair Tie On Hand

ALWAYS keep a hair tie on hand during the summer. You never know when your long and flowy style won’t go as planned or if your neck might starts sweating and you want some relief. So be prepared: throw a hair tie around your wrist (scrunchies look super cute like this) or in your bag.

7. Carry An Insulated Water Bottle

Carry a vacuum insulated water bottle wherever you go. These bottles keep your water cold for around 24 hours and the bottle won’t drip along the side like it would with a plastic bottle. Some brands include S’Well Bottle or Hydro Flask and you can find cheaper alternatives on Amazon, Five Below with many other stores.


8. Put Your Fruit In The Freezer

This works particularly well with blueberries and bananas (remember to unpeel before you freeze). Stick your fruit in the freezer the night before you want to enjoy it and voila: you have a new and cooler way to enjoy your favorite fruit.

Summer can sure get hot but we hope that you can make the most of it!

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