What You Can Learn About Your Relationship By Moving In Before Marriage

These days more and more couples are moving in together before marriage. According to relationship experts, this is a positive thing. Moving in together is the best way to see how you will live with your partner once you may get married. When you’re just dating a person you tend to see them in an ideal light and not notice their flaws. If you and your partner are considering moving in together, here are some things that your experience will teach you about your relationship.

1. You Learn Each Other’s Habits

There are a lot of little things you can pick up about someone while you live with them than if you hadn’t–especially their living habits. For example, you may be an extremely neat and organized person while they are not. Or maybe they have a tendency to not do the dishes right away like you do.

2. Chores Are A Thing

When living with another person you have to learn to divide the house duties in your living space such as cleaning and other housework that you otherwise would’ve done all yourselves. By learning this early on in the relationship, you set yourselves up for success in marriage.


3. What You’ll Disagree About And How To Compromise

When you were just seeing the person exclusively in your free time, you may not have had as many disagreements as you might have when you are living with them. By living with the person all the time you will learn what you will disagree over and how to compromise–and also if your partner is never willing to compromise.

4. You’ll See Each Other At Your Worse

If you were just seeing the person a couple times a week you didn’t always see the worst parts of them–such as a bad day at work or a bad day in general. You will see your partner for who they truly are and they will also see you in the same light. This can make your bond with your partner stronger and you will also see how not everything is butterflies and rainbows.


5. How To Split Your Expenses

Expenses are a hard part of living together because you may now want to split your meals, cleaning supplies and the costs of other utilities. It is good to figure budgeting and expenses early on if your relationship as it is something you will have to deal with forever.

6. How You Socialize With Your Partner In Your Life

With your partner around all the time, you will begin to see how you also start to relate to your other relationships. Will your living space still be a meetup spot or will you go out to eat with friends instead? Will you host more or fewer dinner parties? Will you not see other people as much because of this? These are all important points to consider your situation will be similar while married. You can tackle early on how you want to handle your other relationships with your partner in mind.


7. If You Even Like Your Partner

It is important to know if you even like your partner at all. Through all these other things you will learn, you may learn that you don’t like your partner for whatever reason that may be. You will be seeing more parts of their personality–and maybe you don’t like those parts and don’t want this partner to become your forever person. And that is perfectly okay.

Whether you choose to live with your partner before marriage or not, these are important things to keep in mind as marriage is harder than it may look.

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