10 Things We Learned About Kylie Jenner From Her Latest Makeup Tutorial

Kylie Jenner is the latest celebrity to do a Vogue Beauty Secrets video. This YouTube series has celebrities and models do a mini makeup tutorial and drop some beauty knowledge and life secrets. Kylie’s video is no exception. The Kylie Cosmetics founder spilled some tea about her life, brand and makeup.

Here is every story and beauty wisdom Kylie dropped in her Beauty Secrets video.

1. Kylie and Kim Kardashian’s beauty brands don’t compete.


“Me and Kim do not compete,” Kylie explained. “A lot of people think we might, but we just really like making completely different products. We both enjoy each other’s stuff, so it’s just the more makeup the better.”

After this disclaimer, she used Kim’s KKW Beauty setting powder.

2. Kylie had Kylie Lip Kits trademarked years before the first drop.


The beauty mogul said that she has her signature lip kits trademarked two years before the first ones even dropped. She bugged her mom for those two years about starting a beauty line and Kris made her put up her own money to start it. In 18 months Kylie Cosmetics has made $420 million and is on track to be a $1 billion company by 2022.

3. Kylie was nervous that her first lip kits wouldn’t do well.


The youngest Jenner said that she didn’t order a lot of lips kits for the first drop. “I was like ‘okay if this doesn’t work out you’re gonna have like a lot of lip kits in your garage,'” Kylie said. But then the lip kits sold out before she even could leave for the brand’s launch party. Kylie says the kits sold out in two seconds.

4. Kylie Cosmetics used to be called Kylie Lip Kits.


Originally the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram used to be Kylie Lip Kits. But after the first drop sold out instantly Kylie knew this was “gonna be something” and changed the brand to Kylie Cosmetics.

5. Kylie’s BFF Jordyn Woods lives with her.


Kylie’s longtime BFF, or as she likes to call her wifey, Jordyn Woods actually lives with her. Kylie says that when she needs to test a product or film swatches Jordyn is forced to sacrifice her forearm for the beauty cause. What a good friend.

6. Kylie can line her lips with her eyes closed.


Before lining her top lip Kylie joked that she could do it with her eyes closed. But then she actually did and her liner looked flawless. That’s what happens when you line your lips all the time.

7. Kris Jenner once accidentally lined her lips with eyeliner.


While in the car going to Disney world Kris pulled what she thought was her lip liner out of her bag and blindly lined her lips. But she accidentally grabbed her black eyeliner instead and lined her lips in black. “Kourtney peed her pants,” Kylie claimed.

8. Growing up Kris always let Kylie experiment and wear makeup.


While buffing out her foundation Kylie talks about how her love of makeup started. “I think I just used to watch my mom a lot, maybe, and I used to like steal all her makeup,” Kylie said. Kris had two Chanel loose powder eyeshadows in baby blue and pink that Kylie was obsessed with growing up.

“My mom always let me wear makeup, but my dad didn’t really want me to wear makeup,” she said. Kylie went on to say that Kris would let her go to class in sixth grade with purple eyeshadow and a cut crease.

9. She hasn’t figured out when she’ll let Stormi wear makeup.


Kylie’s first daughter Stormi isn’t even 1-years-old, so Kylie hasn’t thought about when she’ll let her start wearing makeup. But don’t worry Kylie reassured everyone that Stormi will definitely be into makeup, it’s practically in her DNA to love it.

10. Kylie Cosmetics took off at the perfect time in Kylie’s life.


Kylie said that her company taking off was “the best feeling in the world” especially since that at the time she hadn’t found her thing yet. She said that Kendall was living her dream and modeling around the world and she wanted to find something that she was good at as well.

Watch the full video below. 


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