Beyonce’s Makeup Artist Spilled The Tea About Her Tour Beauty Routine

Some people can’t even imagine just simply being in Beyonce‘s presence, let alone doing her makeup. Let’s be honest, Beyonce doesn’t always wake up with a perfectly contoured face. That’s where Francesca Tolot comes in. She’s Beyonce’s makeup artist and genius who make Bey look like Bey.

Tolot’s portfolio is uber impressive. Her client list includes Britney Spears, Cher, Cindy Crawford, Demi Lovato, Janet Jackson, Kate Moss, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Rihanna and countless other celebrities.

Tolot has been working with Beyonce for 15 years and has done her makeup for every single music video since her first solo album came out. She most recently did all the makeup for the promotional and video work for On The Run Tour II.

Tolot sat down with Refinery29 to talk about beauty and Beyonce. “It was pretty loose — she really trusts me,” Tolot said about creating the looks for OTR Tour II. “We do have a connection and we kind of think the same way. She never gives me strong direction; it’s more about expressing her feelings and what she wants to portray and communicate through her look.”

She explained that Beyonce wanted a natural look for the tour shots. “She wanted her hair and makeup to be minimal,” she told Refinery29. “She feels very good in her skin. She’s one of those people who can wear absolutely nothing and go out and be photographed.”

Tolot said that she and Beyonce pulled inspiration from the island, they filmed in Jamaica, and from her “If I Were A Boy” music video. So how natural and raw was Beyonce’s look really? Tolot says she only used two products to make Bey look au naturel. “I used some moisturizer, maybe a stain on her lips, then nothing else,” she explained. “But this was just because it was right for some of the moments in the OTR visuals. Some other scenes, she was full glam.”

As for those beach shots, she said that she didn’t use body makeup on Beyonce. “No, nothing. She didn’t need it,” Tolot elaborated. “She has good skin.” Beyonce is seriously that perfect. At the most Tolot used baby oil to give Bey’s body a shine.

When it come’s to Jay-Z Tolot claims that he doesn’t wear any makeup. “At the most, I’ll use eye drops on him, or, if he’s sweating, I’ll blot his skin.” The Carters are really that flawless.

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