What You Need To Know Senior Year Of College

Going into your senior year of college your stress and anxiety are probably at an all-time high. Along with the nerves comes all the exciting parts about finally being a senior, like finally taking classes you’re interested in, being able to get into bars, not living in the dorms anymore. Of course, like all new chapters in your life, this one is one you’ve been waiting for. But, before you get in over your head you should keep these tips in mind as you prepare for the year that will majorly shape your life.

Network, Network, Network

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Networking is like life. It might be awkward at first, but once you get the hang out of it you’ll be doing it like a pro. The more out of college you are, the less of a chance you’ll have to talk to prominent people in your industry. If your college throws a networking night take advantage of it! Don’t just sit in the corner with your friends eating the free food.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

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Everyone has a friend who gets a job months before graduation, so don’t let that make you feel like your dream job isn’t coming. Everyone forges a path for them self after college and everyone’s road is different.

Sure, getting a job after college is based on your experience and abilities, but it is mostly based on timing and luck. You might have all the connections in the world, but if none of them have an opening they know of for you, then you’ll have to accept finding other opportunities that could be right for you. You also have to find a company you personally click with.

Just because you’re qualified for a position, doesn’t mean you will have a connection with the person interviewing you. There’s plenty of hoops to jump through when finding a job. It will happen when it happens.

Stop Focusing On People From Your Past

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You only have a number of months left in college, so don’t waste them talking to some boy you used to know. Don’t waste your time and energy texting or snapping some guy who you are either never getting back together with, or at least never should get back together with. Spend that time and energy on someone else. Even if nothing comes of it, at least you had new experiences and met new people.

At least you didn’t waste your time dwelling on the past, rather than looking towards the future. And years later, you don’t want to regret all that time spent dwelling when there was someone who you let slip right past you.

If You Have Dreams Of Moving Somewhere, Move There Right After College

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Don’t say you’re going to wait a year after you’ve settled into a routine, because chances are, you might become too comfortable. Don’t wait three years because you’re going to try to save up enough money to move; you never will. The later you wait, the more settled down people will be with their lives and groups of friends. Moving to a new city in your mid or late 20s is like transferring schools. It’s always harder to find your place after everyone else has already found theirs. So if you know you want to take a leap, now is the time!

Enjoy Yourself

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After you graduate college, you will never experience anything like it again. You’ll be thrown into the real world, and have to be as independent as it gets. Right now, you’re young. You’re carefree. Your friends either live with you or live down the street from you. Enjoy your time with your friends because chances are the only other priority you have are those papers that are due. This is your time to make memories.

There are so many things that are going to be racing through your mind this year, but overall prioritize yourself. College only comes around once and you don’t want o look back and have regrets. Focus on the now but also be smart and ready for the future.

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