Hailey Baldwin Just Deleted All Photos With Shawn Mendes From Her Instagram

While Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber have yet to officially announce their relationship–it appears things are getting more serious as the model just deleted all photos of herself and singer Shawn Mendes from her Instagram. Baldwin and Mendes repeatedly stated they were “just friends” but this move by Baldwin strongly suggests otherwise. Could this be due to a jealous Justin?

Baldwin and Mendes got rumors of a possible relationship rolling when they showed up to the MET Gala together this May. The pair shared many photos of the night on their respective Instagrams. Baldwin has since purged her account of any signs of Mendes. He, however, has kept all pictures of her up (for now?).

Baldwin and Bieber have been on-again-off-again since 2015 and first sparked rumors that they were back on when they were spotted together in Miami on June 9th. Beiber’s long-time love Selena Gomez claims they are finally a thing of the past–but Gomez’ recent music video suggests differently.

Baldwin and Bieber were recently spotted having a steamy and very public makeout sesh in NYC. According to one insider, Bieber “respects Hailey and values their friendship way too much to just fool around with her. If he didn’t think this was going somewhere, he would have just kept things in the friend zone.” I do not know about you but that intense PDA looks like more than friendship to me!

It is unclear if Bieber had any say in the deletion of Baldwin’s pictures with Mendes. Either way, it seems like things are heating up between the two!

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