Fourth Of July Traditions To Start With Your Squad

Fourth of July can often be the mark of the start of the summer. The weather finally warms up (often to an extreme depending where you’re from) and you get to spend some quality time with the outdoors. Fourth of July is often the start of your favorite summer traditions. Some of which are: eating watermelon, going to the beach, etc. etc.

Looking for some unique activities to do with your squad this Fourth of July? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

1. White Water Rafting

There’s nothing nicer than riding down the lazy (or intense) river on a holiday. What better way to spend your holiday with some friends and the river for a few hours? Check out Tripsavvy’s article for the best 10 whitewater rafting destinations in the world and check out Tripadvisor’s blog for the 20 top whitewater rafting trips in the U.S.

2. Host A Red, White and Blue Dinner Party

There’s nothing better than coming together with your friends for a classy dinner party! There are many ways you can make your food red, white or blue themed. Check out our article here for a list of some delicious red, white and blue recipes and here for Fourth of July drink recipes.

3. Go To An Outdoor Concert Or Festival

There are plenty of events that happen on the Fourth of July. Make it one of your traditions with your squad to head to an outdoor concert or music festival. Check out this article from Travel and Leisure for some of the best Fourth of July celebrations across the U.S.


4. Go On A Road Trip

What better way to spend the Fourth of July with just your friends and the road? Whether your road trip is long or short it is the perfect way to get some quality time in with your best friends. Who knows: you may learn something about your squad that you hadn’t before. Check out Roadtrippers for a way to plan your road trip. You can find everything from accommodations, food and things to do on your road trip.

5. Host A Picnic Brunch

A celebration with your friends doesn’t have to last all way long. Plan a brunch with your squad. Split up who brings the food altogether too. The best way to spend Fourth of July is to catch up with some friends who you haven’t gotten the chance to catch up with for a while because of work and other life stressors.

6. Go To A Wine Tasting

Head to your local winery annually for a wine tasting with your best buds. This can make spending your Fourth unique. Check out Groupon for some awesome savings.

9. Look At Some Fireworks

The best way to end off your Fourth is with some fireworks. Check out this list for cities with free Fourth of July Fireworks

10. Plan Matching Outfits

Check out our article here for some of the trendiest pieces for the Fourth of July season. With many different types of pieces, you can mix and match in order to match up with your squad.

11. Go Shopping Together

There are multiple sales that are going around during on the Fourth of July and during that week. Round up your squad together and take you guys out to go on a shopping spree! With the great sales, you are in for some great savings.

12. Workout As A Squad

Whether you want to do yoga together right before you sleep or want to do some intense cardio, plan some type of workout with your squad.

No matter how you spend your Fourth of July we hope you enjoy the holiday!

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