A Jimmy John’s Driver Exposed A Woman’s Boyfriend For Cheating

Jimmy John’s is a staple in college. They deliver food fast and are open in the wee hours of the night, which is perfect when you’re up late studying or drinking. Besides delivering sandwiches at lightning speed, Jimmy John’s also catches cheating boyfriends for you.

Kayla Speer from West Burlington, Iowa ordered Jimmy John’s for her boyfriend while he was studying for his finals. But a simple cute girlfriend favor turned into a dramatic tale about him cheating on her.

The 23-year-old shared her wild story on Twitter. She explained that she was dating her then boyfriend for a few months. They were long distance and lived about three hours away from each other. He was on the verge of graduating from college and studying for his finals, so she decided to order him some Jimmy John’s.



Based on Speer’s tweets, she placed the order over the phone at the Jimmy John’s closest to where her boyfriend lives. She let them know it was for her boo and she wouldn’t be there when they delivered and that he would be signing for it. Someone placing a food order for another person is not that abnormal, so Jimmy John’s had no problem placing her order.


After she placed the Jimmy John’s order her BF texted her saying he was going to take a nap. Speer responded by letting him know she ordered him food and to leave a tip. He never texted her back. Later he texted, ‘thanks,’ but then she got a call from Jimmy John’s.

Speer assumed they were calling to let her know the food was delivered or something went wrong, but that was far from the truth. She said the Jimmy John’s delivery guy asked her to confirm that the order was for her boyfriend and that she doesn’t live in the same city as him. After she confirmed that was true the driver told her what he saw when she dropped off the sandwich.

The driver said when he walked up to the door he could see through the window her BF in his boxers on the couch with a naked woman sitting on top of him.



Of course, Speer had some follow up questions to confirm that it was, in fact, her boyfriend.




Shoutout Jimmy John’s for helping expose cheating boyfriends.

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