9 Things To Avoid In A New Relationship

New relationships are fun! You’re excited, you want to spend all your time with that person but at the same times you’re generally still getting to really know each other. Is hanging out every day going overboard?  Are you being too clingy?

We’ll help you! Here are 9 things to avoid when you’re in a new relationship.

Rapid calling or texting if they don’t reply.

Texting or calling every day is totally fine!! It’s expected but refrain from going overboard. I’m all for texting in spurts rather than putting everything in a large chunky paragraph, but there’s a difference between texting in spurts and double texting because the person isn’t replying.

If they’re not replying there’s probably a reason why so don’t just keep texting or even calling rapidly in hopes of getting a response. Plus, how annoying and needy is it to see multiple texts from someone because you didn’t reply to their first one. You have a life! And as much as you want a reply, let others live theirs.

Posting about them all over social media.

Once you define the relationship it isn’t the time to go change your relationship status on Facebook or post them all over your Snapchat. This takes time and usually, it’s something that you agree on. Even if it’s not an explicit conversation take it slow because it can really be overbearing. You may want everyone to know but a new relationship is really only your business.

If you want to post, lean towards small doses.  It’s annoying when someone’s feed is updated with their new relationship every 5 minutes.

Thinking it’s more than what it is.

If you haven’t defined the relationship you definitely need to make sure you’re on the same page. Is it just a hookup that you think is a relationship? If the person wanted to date you they would be taking you on dates. If you aren’t on the same page, move on, you’re better.


Contact their ex.

This is a big fat no! Like a big huge, stop sign. Just no. This looks crazy and you’ll look jealous and even overdramatic to your new partner and their ex. Most of the time, it’s going to be unnecessary to contact their ex and if you do, you’ll want to consult your partner carefully.

Have too high of expectations.

** get’s into a new relationship** Hear this one out, everyone should go into a new relationship with high expectations because you should be excited about the person you’re with!! But at the same time, it’s a new relationship and you’re still getting to know the person. It’s totally good to be excited but also, make sure to take the opportunity to get to know the person and discover if they have the qualities you value in a partner.

So basically don’t go into a new relationship expecting your new partner to be the one you’re going to marry. Be excited but go slow.

Don’t be a pushover.

Don’t totally lose yourself in your new relationship. Of course, there is a sacrifice but you still have to put yourself first when it comes to what you want. Whether that’s in life, your career or personal needs.


Don’t compare your new partner to your ex.

This is going to be an internal comparison for sure but leave it there. Comparing your new partner to your ex isn’t healthy for you or your new relationship. Rule of thumb, don’t talk about your ex until you and your partner are secure in the relationship.  The last thing you want is to make your partner feel insecure by bringing up an ex. How would you feel if they compared you to their ex?

Go overboard in the honeymoon phase.

Of course, go all out but just some food for thought. The honeymoon phase is awesome and you want to spend all your time with your new partner but that phase doesn’t last forever.  Enjoy it but create your own space and don’t forget to hang out with friends. This will leave your partner wanting more and the excitement and mystery will still be there after the honeymoon phase.

Forget your other friends.

Don’t be the person that gets into a new relationship and forgets all their friends.  Take the time to hang out with your friends; it’s healthy to create balance in your relationship and it will help you to avoid losing yourself, your independence and alienating friendships.

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