Amazon Prime Day Is Almost Here, Find Out How You Can Save Big

Once a year we are blessed when Amazon Prime Day rolls around. The fourth annual summer sale starts online at 3 P.M. EST on Monday, July 16 and it ends on Wednesday, July 18 at 3 A.M. EST. During the 36 hours, Amazon Prime members will have access to crazy deals and sales. This year Amazon added six more hours to Prime Day so you have a more chance to shop and cash in on the crazy deals.

If you’re unfamiliar with Prime Day, it’s like online Black Friday but in the middle of July. But unlike Black Friday, you get to sleep in, stay in bed and not face crazy crowds, so Prime Day is arguably the better sale day.

Typically Prime Day offers discounts on technology, TV’s, home devices, toys, fashion furniture, appliances and much, much more.

Find out how you can save big on Prime Day below.

How To Shop

Obviously, Prime Day is only available for Amazon Prime members. If for some reason you’re the last person on earth that doesn’t have access to a Prime account don’t worry. You can sign up to become a member or start your 30-day free trial, which will still allow you to shop the deals.

Besides the overall discounts, Amazon has Lightning Deals and Spotlight Deals. Lightning Deals start every five minutes and are timed, meaning they only last for a certain period of time. So preview the Lightning Deals the day before and figure out what you want to buy and set an alarm, you don’t want to accidentally miss one. Spotlight Deals last until the product is sold out.

If you still feel overwhelmed by all the deals, Amazon had a Prime Day Guide to help calm your nerves.

Prime Day Deals You Can Shop Beforehand

Prime members can do a little bit of shopping before July 16 rolls around. Here are all the deals you can shop right now!

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Prime Day doesn’t start until July 16 but there is a way you can scope out all the deals beforehand. A week before Prime Day, which is July 9, you can view all of the Prime Day deals on the Amazon App. Just download the app to your smartphones and then you can add all the Prime Day goodies to your cart, so when 3 P.M. rolls around on July 16 you can simply hit the check out button.

You can also save at Whole Foods during Prime Day. Prime Members who also have a Prime Rewards Card can get 10% back when shopping at Whole Foods from July 14 until July 17. Download the Whole Foods or Amazon App and show the cashier your Prime Member QR Code at checkout.

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