Justin Bieber Started Directing Traffic After His Mercedes Broke Down




Imagine you’re stuck in traffic, you can’t see what the hold up is no matter how much you crane your neck around the car in front of you. You finally start to move, bless, and you see in the distance the cause of the traffic, a car in the middle of the street. Next to it is and a shaggy blonde haired man waving his arms directing the traffic. “How nice, the car owner is taking care of the situation instead of letting this be more of a s**t show,” you think yourself. You finally drive past the car and the man to only find out it’s Justin Beiber.

Some lucky people got to witness just that. They got to see Justin Bieber directing traffic outside of his broken down Mercedes Benz while his maybe-girlfriend Hailey Baldwin stands and stares at you as you pass.


On the way down to the Hamptons, Bieber’s Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG broke down in the middle of an intersection. Police were called to take over managing traffic for Bieber. A mechanic came and removed the car, which People reports could cost up to $200,000.

Beiber and Baldwin looked stressed while waiting for the mechanic to come to their rescue. A fan Instagram account said that the cause for Bieber’s car to break down was that he forgot to fill up the tank. Yup, Bieber tried to drive out to the Hamptons on an empty tank.


This isn’t the first time the not-so-secret couple has been spotted out. In fact, they’ve been flaunting their new relationship. They went on vacation together in Miami, walked the streets of New York holding hands and were even photographed kissing!


It seems so serious, but it’s doubtful the two will be confirming their relationship any time soon. They first started dating in 2016, but never slapped any labels on it.

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