4 Things Holding You Back From Leaving Your Hometown

Moving away is never easy. You’re only human, so of course, your mind is constantly wandering beyond the borders of your same old town and imagining your life elsewhere. There’s always something you’ll think of to try to hold yourself back. Let’s be real, if it weren’t for a few things keeping you in your hometown, you’d be on the next plane ride to your dream city. It’s time to spread your wings because if you don’t, you’ll start resenting the place that holds so many of your unforgettable memories since childhood.

You’re giving a different place a try, and that doesn’t have to be permanent. If you like it, you stay, if you don’t, home is always waiting with open arms. You have to be willing to take the chance when it comes to finally leaving your hometown. Just know, these five things might be holding you back, but don’t let them be the reason why you don’t pack your bags and hit the road.

Leaving Your Friends And Making New Ones

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Just because you won’t be right around the corner from them doesn’t mean your friends aren’t still going to be in your life forever. Making friends in a new place can be a bit scary, but you will meet people before you know it. Whether it’s at a coffee shop, your new apartment complex, or work, the opportunity for friendship is everywhere. When you really think about it you’ve already had to face this step every time you’ve gone to a new school or went off to college.

The Cost Of Living Somewhere New

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Being on your own and having to provide for yourself is probably the toughest battle yet to come.

Obviously, costs are going to be intimidating. If you have the dream, though, you definitely have the power to make it happen. Money is going to come and go, but your dreams aren’t going anywhere until you fulfill them. Before you head to your new location get a head start on looking at future job opportunities. If you already have a few lined up, then you’re already a step ahead of the game.

Uncertainty About How To Plan For It

Don’t ever let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game! Life is all about risks and if you don’t take them you’re going to have a lot of regrets in your future. The more you let the idea of planning, without attempting to plan, sit in your head, it’s going to get complicated and stressful. You aren’t going to get everything right, but every little effort counts.

Is It The “Right Move?”

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Time to be completely brutally honest, there is no right or wrong. Whatever choice you make, you decide what you get out of it. The only wrong move you can make is staying in a place you’ve outgrown when you know you need to be elsewhere.

Nine times out of 10, your dream city isn’t going to be the place you were born in. You have a whole world out there waiting for you to see. Home will always be where part of your heart is, even if you aren’t there with it.

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