Did Bella Hadid Photoshop Her Latest Bikini Selfie?






Bella Hadid is living it up this summer. She’s been traveling the world working and vacationing and made time in her ultra-busy schedule to post a sexy bikini selfie to Instagram.

Bella is wearing a tiny red bikini in her snap. The look is lowkey, but she looks amazing. There is no doubt that Bella is super fit, but still, she edits and photoshops her pictures. She’s being accused of photoshopping her latest bikini selfie by the Instagram account @celebface.

The private account is dedicated to calling out celebrities’ for photoshopping their photos. They post the unedited version of the photo next to the photoshopped version the celebrity shares. It’s truly an eye opener on how Instagram reality isn’t actual reality.


The possible photoshop fail is visible in the background of the picture. In the right corner of the photo, the dresser appears to have an abnormal bend to it. The account zooms in on the dresser and even lightens up the photo so their followers can have better visibility of the dresser.

In the caption, @celebface ask their followers if this is a “photoshop fail?” Their followers sounded off in the comments. With over 200 comments the majority have concluded that it is a photoshop fail¬†and that she edited her hips to be slightly bigger. But there are a handful of fans who are saying the photo wasn’t edited and the dresser is naturally curved.

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It’s not that shocking if Bella did photoshop this picture. She is regularly called out for photoshopping by @celebface, she even has them blocked on Instagram.

The account also calls out photoshop fails that appear in celebrities’ Instagrams who aren’t Bella. In May they called out Kendall Jenner for photoshopping her last topless bath photo.

No celebrity is safe when @celebface is around.

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