How To Know If You Should Go On A Second Date

How to know if you want to go on a second date with someone can be tricky. You don’t feel firework chemistry right away but you like the person and you could see it going somewhere. What do you do? Chemistry is not something you can generally force but that doesn’t mean it won’t take time. Think about a friend you’ve had for years that you’re suddenly attracted to one day.  It’s chemistry that has happened naturally from getting to know the person.

On a first date, there are nerves and you don’t really know each other that well so it’s not surprising if it’s not the most amazing thing ever.  If that’s the case how do you know if you want to try a second date?

Let’s take a look.

Ask yourself how you feel about them?



How you feel about your date is the most important factor. if you don’t feel very confident about them then a second date is probably not for you.  Do you like them enough to want to spend more time with them? Do you have similarities or qualities you value?  If you feel confident about them then try a second date.

Do you like them for them or how they look?


When you’ve just met someone, it’s easy to like them for their physical qualities because you don’t know them very well. Sure your date may be hot but are they dumb? Do you want that in a partner? Basically, looks aren’t everything but they tend to give a good first impression.

Are you curious?



If a person leaves you curious, that’s a good indication that a second date is probably a good choice. If you didn’t care about someone or feel something, you probably wouldn’t be curious.

Rate your date out of 10.



Not looks wise, but how the date went! How was the conversation? Were they polite, funny or rude? Were they rude to the wait staff? Did they hold the door open? Were they really late? Did they give you time to speak? These are all good things to consider and if the date is over a 6, then give it another chance.

Would you be excited to see your date again?



If the answer is yes, then go on the second date. That excitement means something! Usually, it’s chemistry, at the very least, attraction.

At the end of the day, a second date is not the 5th date.  It’s still new and you’re still getting to know the person.  A second date does not mean commitment!

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