10 Reasons Why Living With Your BFF Will Be The Best Thing Ever

When that time in your life comes to get your own place it can be pretty intimidating, especially if you decide to live alone, but what if your BFF was also choosing to live alone. Think about it, if you two have to move out why live alone when you both can live together!

Think about decorating your place together, always having someone to hang out with and talk to and never have to worry about a random roommate scandal that would be bound to happen.

Check out these 10 excellent reasons why living with your BFF will be the best decision you two have ever made, besides becoming BFFs of course.

You Always Have Someone To Talk To


Whether you have juicy gossip to spill, or need someone’s advice your BFF will always be the first one you can go to. You two will be able to talk about who you kissed at the bars the night before or just merely unload about your busy day at work.

You Never Have To Figure Out When You’re Both Free


Since you two live together now, you won’t have to worry about finding the next time you both are free to hang out. Sure, you two will be busy in your own lives, but at the end of the day, they will always be home to hang out with.

No more failed last minute plans to have a movie night because the only distance between you two is just down the hall.


Trips To The Store Are Always Together


You guys found your dream place together, and you know what that means, it’s time to go shopping. Trips to Target, Ikea, TJ Maxx and more will be a joint effort to find the best decorations for your new place.

Even trips to the grocery can be together, whether you’re shopping for yourself or planning a roomie dinner.

You Can Be Totally Comfortable Around Them


Let’s face it you two have probably been BFFs for quite some time now if you’re planning on moving in together and that means you two probably know almost everything about each other.

That means dealing with their not so Beyonce-like singing voice in the shower or one of you bringing a mysterious friend home you won’t have to worry about some random roommate questioning your every move.

You Both Know What Bothers The Other


Again, you two have been friends for a while now and knowing everything about each other means knowing what gets on their nerves. Luckily you won’t have to deal with awkward rule setting and boundaries with a random roommate, it will be much easier to establish them with your BFF.

Plus, if there ever is something that bothers you, it won’t be awkward to tell them, you might get in little tiffs but that comes along with living with anyone.


Always Have Two Closets Instead Of One


You’re getting ready to go out together, and you can’t seem to find something to wear in your closet, there’s a simple solution to that, just check your new roomies closet. Living together will probably mean sharing a lot of each other’s stuff, who doesn’t want double the outfits to choose from.

Can Always Invite Other Friends Over

best friends


If it’s getting late and you both don’t really want to go out, it’s now much easier just to invite some friends over to hang out instead. It will be easier to plan a get-together, together than it would be trying to do so living individually.

Who knows, maybe your place will become the next hang out spot for all your friends.

Cooking Is Actually Fun

cooking together


When you’re living alone cooking for one seems tedious and boring, but living with your BFF will change all of that. You two can coordinate roomie meals and make them together.

Whether you’re starting your first meal prep together or just want to save some money and eat at home cooking will become something you both can do together and have fun at the same time.


Lonely Nights Are Never Actually Lonely


Some nights are more laid back than others, and that may mean well… doing absolutely nothing. When you have one of those nights, it can seem pretty lonely, but you will always have your BFF there to share that lonely experience with.

If that means it’s just a binge-watching Netflix kind of night or literally sitting around talking about nonsense, you at least have your BFF there with you to be lonely together.

You’ll Cherish That Time Forever


After all, is said and done and the chapter of living together comes to an end, you both will have these memories to cherish for a lifetime. From countless nights out late at the bars to hear to hearts on the couch and being there for one another, this time will always be in your hearts.

Not to mention, you will have stories to tell your friends and family for years to come.

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