7 Airbnbs on Private Islands That Are Actually Affordable




A private island vacation sounds dreamy and like absolute relaxation. Except, it also sounds like it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. Flying out there and the hotel which is probably slim on options and high end. Have you thought about an Airbnb?  Probably not and it’s actually a great option!

Let’s take a look at some of the best Airbnbs on private islands.

Rock Island – Coron Palawan, Philippines -$145 a night


This Airbnb has a 95% positivity rating. It’s on a private island with views of the ocean equipped with a kitchen and 2 bedrooms! Perfect for BBQs, a day at the beach or pure relaxation.

Poppa Island, Panama – $195 a night


These are dreamy, bright pink bungalows on the water!  You can bring a dozen friends to this Airbnb on the Bocas Del Toro archipelago. Get complete relaxation on these bungalows but you’ll have 12 monkeys as neighbors! This Airbnb has 6 bedrooms, a kitchen and even Wifi for you to Instagram you’re entire trip.

Vesterøy, østfold, Norway – $234 a night


This is the cutest little beachfront cottage on the Hvaler archipelago. It comes with a boat so you can travel to neighboring islands!  It fits 4-5 people, has parking and a kitchen.

Laurel Island Connecticut – $250 a weekend, per group of 20


This is a great option if you have a big group of people! This cabin on Laurel Island can fit up to 39 people. If you don’t have 39 don’t worry, you can get a smaller cabin. It’s great for lake activities and you can even get vegan meals catered during your stay! Talk about options and accommodation.

Cavinti, Philippines – $71 a night


This private island, AirBnb is on a lake about 3 hours away from Manila. The house has a bedroom, a kitchen and a view of the water. If you want to go off the grid, this is a good place to and it’s great for a weekend of relaxation.

Monmouth, Maine, – $200 a night


This cabin in on a private island off Annabessacook Lake. It fits 4 people and it’s great for swimming, fishing and relaxing. Here’s the kicker, there’s NO electricity so you’re seriously off the grid.

Own Island, Hanko, Norway – $162 a night


This island getaway is off the coast of Hanko, the most southern point of Finland. It comes with a sauna, and it’s perfect for swimming, fishing and sailing. If you have a boating license you also can use the boat that comes with the cabin. You’ll also have a kitchen and 5 bedrooms!

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