Moving In Together? Here Are 5 Ways Your Relationship Might Change

You and your partner have been dating for some time now, and it seems like you’re ready to take that next step in your relationship, moving in together. You’ve probably heard horror stories of couples not working out because of it and be a little intimidated to make this commitment together, that’s completely normal.

However, if you two are able to get past the initial bumps in the road, there won’t be anything that can tear you apart. Here are five ways your relationship might change once you move in together, and how to handle each situation at hand to keep you two a stable couple.

Redefining Boundaries

Before you two lived together boundaries consisted of if it was OK to leave your toothbrush at the others house and about… well… intimate activities, but now you two have a whole new list to establish. You will start to find out that there are things you don’t see eye to eye on and you’ll have to start setting some lifestyle boundaries.

Whether they be, who pays what bill or who does the laundry, you two will have some situations to work out. It may seem overwhelming at first, but it shouldn’t be anything you two can’t figure out. Once you have established these boundaries, living together will be much easier to handle.

Privacy Is A Thing Of The Past

Where ever you lived before, if you had roommates or not and if you were able to just get away in the privacy of your bedroom are all things of the past. Once you move in together privacy is no longer a luxury of yours. It might seem exciting being able to always be with your partner, but after a while, it can get to be a bit overwhelming.

Not to worry, just try to find either a hobby of your own or create your own little space away from the other to be able to relax and get some alone time when you need it. It has nothing to do with how well or not so well your relationship is doing, it’s just simply some time for you to have to your self.

We Before Me

When moving in together, almost every decision turns into a group decision instead of an individual. Whether it’s about what’s for dinner or what TV show you guys want to watch in the evening, decisions are no longer in your best interest only.

This will help you two learn how to work together as a team as well as problem solve if there is a disagreement. There will be arguments that come up about who wants what for dinner but if you two are able to work it out, living together won’t be too complicated.

Fighting Changes

Living together at first isn’t easy, it’s a big step to make and takes some getting used to. You might argue about someone always leaving the lights on or how messy you two actually are, but let’s face it those shouldn’t turn into actual fights.

Of course, relationships have their ups and downs, but if you two are meant to be the arguments won’t be anything you can’t overcome. Let’s face it, you both are going to find out things about each other you didn’t know and it might upset you, but talking it out will only make you two a stronger couple, and you’ll eventually learn to get used to it.

Always Have Someone To Come Home To

At the end of a long day at work or after a jam-packed weekend you will always have your partner there right next to you. There will be no more going back and forth between two different places and spending nights alone. You will always have that sense of security and comfort knowing your partner will be home with you.

Living together isn’t a piece of cake, but if you two can get past the difficulties it’s totally worth it. They’re, hopefully, the person you spend the rest of your life with, and who wouldn’t want to live with that person. Despite the arguments and disagreements, living together is the ultimate step to growing that beautiful bond with your lover.

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