10 Back To School Essentials To Start The Year Off Right




Yes, Summer is in full swing and talking about school almost feels like a crime. However, for students who are taking summer classes, really excited about starting high school or college in the fall, some of these essentials can kick off your school year to a great start.

Bluetooth Headphones


For someone who takes studying pretty seriously and get easily irritated at disturbances, this is perfect for you to cancel out the world around you.

Pen Holders


If you collect tons of pens and pencils throughout the year and need some organization, you can do it up or down with some pen holders that can add a little spice to your room.

Sharpie Collection


For the artist in you that needs some color in your life or to simply draw in your notebook during your 8ams.

Coffee Maker


If you are a coffee lover and cannot function with at least one cup in the morning, this is almost essential for days you wanna roll out of bed and need something to pick you up.

Bluetooth Speaker


On days when you just need to blast music or have friends over, a speaker can really change the comfort of the environment around you.

Comfy Blanket


Naps and downtime are more than necessary especially when it comes to school time so having a comfy blanket on standby can really come in handy.

Colorful Bedding


Making your space yours is really important when it comes to expressing yourself and being you. If you’re more of an expressive and colorful person, multicolored bedding can be lots of fun.



Keep your memories in a picture as you start your journey into a new year of new experiences!



You can really express your style when it comes to your bag of choice, from more casual to extremely unique.

Glass Prism 


Adding some of this cute decor with some candles or succulents in them can add some personality to your space!

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