10 Activities To Do Alone As An Extrovert & Still Have Fun

There are two kinds of people, the ones who enjoy their alone time and others who thrive off of social interactions. Usually, introverts will separate from the crowd and want to do things on their own while extroverts are off making new friends left and right, but what if you wanted to spend some alone time as an extrovert?

There are no rules when it comes to what you can or cannot do as either an introvert or extrovert it’s just your personality type. Sometimes even the most outgoing extroverts want to just have some time to themselves. There are ways for you to be an extrovert and spend some time to yourself while going out and having a good time.

Check out 10 different things to go and do as an extrovert alone. You’ll still make friends and new experiences because let’s face it, you can’t be an extrovert who doesn’t make at least one friend when you’re out.

Take An Exercise Class

If you’re looking to get some exercise in as well as meet new people try going to different exercise classes. Even though you’re alone, you all are there for the same reason and will have at least the class to talk about. You could also make some new exercise class buddies try all the classes with and maybe even become friends outside the gym.

Also, it’s okay if you don’t make friends in the class, you’ll still have fun while focusing on the instructor and listening to the music during the workout.

Go To A Concert

Say your favorite artist is coming to a local venue, but none of your friends want to go. No worries, as an extrovert you will be able to make friends quickly at the concert even if you go alone. You will be able to bond over your love for the artist and be able to sing your hearts out together even though you just met.

Plus, going alone means you’ll be able to sit and stay for as long as you want without having your friends wanting to leave early.


Go To The Movies

What better way to spend a chill afternoon or evening by yourself than going to the movies? Going to the theater doesn’t have to involve a first date or a monthly night out with your family, sometimes it can just be for the heck of it.

Have you wanted to see the newest movie out, but no one else seems to agree? No worries, just go alone and enjoy the film. You don’t even talk when you’re at the movies anyway so going alone won’t seem too different.


One way to really put yourself out there by making a difference, and new friends, try volunteering in your community. There are not only tons of different volunteer opportunities where ever you may be, but also so many great people that you will meet along the way.

Volunteering is a gratifying task, especially if it’s for something you genuinely care about. It’s also an excellent opportunity for extroverts to get out in their communities and connect with others that share their same passions.

Travel Somewhere New

If you feel like you’ve done everything around you and need a change of pace, traveling is the best way to fix that. You don’t always have to plan a huge trip with your best friends or family, sometimes it’s nice to just go exploring on your own.

You’re able to pick everywhere you go, see only things you really want to see and be on nobodies schedule but your own. Traveling alone will also be a great time to self-reflect on what’s been going on in your life and give you a fresh start when you return.


Visit A Museum

Museums may seem boring to some, but with the number of museums around there’s bound to be at least one that will spark your interest. Going to a museum won’t be the best spot to make friends and hang out, but it will be something new and fun you probably haven’t done too much.

Plus, if you’re going strictly for yourself, then you won’t be distracted by anyone and be able to see all you came for.

Go Shopping

Everyone needs a “treat yo self” kind of day once in a while and what better way than a shopping spree. Sometimes shopping with your friends can get overwhelming and you don’t end up finding what you came there for.

If your either on a mission to find an outfit or just browsing new arrivals, try going alone. You’ll be able to focus on you and have some alone time as well.

Do Things In Your Community

No matter where you live there are always events going on in your community. Whether it’s an event by the pier or a state fair, there’s usually something happening. Deciding to go to one of these events alone can seem a bit intimidating, but as an extrovert, it won’t take you much time to make friends as soon as you get there.

Not to mention, if you do decide to go alone every idea and decision to make is yours, you won’t have to worry about anyone disagreeing and causing a scene.

Outdoor Exercise

If you love being active and want some fresh air outdoor exercise activities like hiking, swimming, playing sports, etc. are all great ways to get out and be productive even if you’re alone. You won’t necessarily find people to meet, but you will be able to get out of the house and exercise for as long as you want.

Plus, you’ll be able to set your own speed to the day, not having to worry about your friend being tired or wanting to go much faster than you, it’s your day.


Go To The Bar

It’s a Friday night, and all your friends are being lame and don’t want to go out, who says you can’t just go on your own? If you’re an extrovert and love to have a good time when your out odds that you make friends at the bar even when you’re with your friends are very high.

So go have fun by yourself at one of your favorite bars. You’ll meet new people and find groups to go back and forth between and still have the night of your life.

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