A Woman Is Suing United Airlines For Not Protecting Her From Being Molested While On Flight

Colorado woman Anne Dowling is suing United Airlines for not protecting her from a drunken passenger who molested her during their flight. According to Daily Mail, Dowling was flying business class when she woke up to fellow passenger Monte Wedl “rubbing her crotch” and pleasuring himself while on their flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco in 2016.

According to papers that were filed in a civil suit in Colorado District Courts, Wedl was served three or four vodka sodas by United employees. He took prescribed Ambien along with the alcohol according to the suit. The suit also states that during the flight he approached United flight attendant Eva Yu and told her he was “horny.”

After he was told to return to his seat, Dowling woke up to find Wedl’s hand on the back of her leg near her butt. She claims to have removed his hand and fell back asleep. She has woken up again to Wedl rubbing her thigh, grabbing her butt and trying to get into her pants. She screamed and told him to stop. She was woken a third time to Wedl rubbing her thigh and rubbing her crotch over her pants while masturbating himself.

Dowling reported Wedl’s sexual assault to a flight attendant and was told to return to her seat and solve the issue herself by talking to her assailant. Eventually, the crew moved Dowling to another seat that was further down but in the same row.

Dowling alleges that Wedl, who is a veteran FedEx freight pilot, continued to harass her after she got off the 13-hour long flight. The day after she landed home in Denver, Colorado she reported what happened to the FBI and the San Francisco Police Department.

On December 5, 2016, a criminal assault complaint was filed against Wedl at the District Court for the Northern District of California. On Jun 7, 2017, he was acquitted of the charges. But last week Dowling filed her civil suit accusing him of “harmful and offensive contact.”

Wendl isn’t the only one Dowling is holding accountable. She is suing United under the Montreal Convention, a treaty that makes airlines liable for injuries passengers suffered due to negligence.

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