Facebook Is Revolutionizing Online Shopping Using Augmented Reality




Facebook just announced new augmented reality technology which will change the future of online shopping. The technology allows users to virtually “try on” products they see in ads.

If a user sees an ad for sunglasses they like, for instance, they can see how the glasses would look on their face with the new technology. Similarly, the same is true about trying on makeup from ads or seeing how furniture would look in one’s house.

Michael Kors will be the first company to experiment with the AR feature. The brand will make sunglasses available to try on and purchase.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Kors said, “We see augmented reality as an emerging and important part of our customer-centric mobile strategy. We know our customer is highly visual, and we are always looking for ways to deliver experiences that are not only unexpected but relevant, personalized and useful to her in her shopping journey.”

Other companies that will start using the feature include Sephora, Bobbi Brown, Pottery Barn, and Wayfair.

While this technology may be new, Facebook is not unfamiliar with the AR business. The company has been trying to introduce AR in the form of face filters for a while.

Similar to Snaphat’s Lens feature, Facebook created virtual filters which could be put on users’ faces for pictures and videos.





Facebook is not the first company to introduce AR technology for commerce. Wayfair and Amazon have both experimented with the technology and CoverGirl and Walmart partnered to allows customers to virtually try on makeup before purchasing it.

We’ll have to wait and see how popular Facebook’s AR technology is as they roll out the feature soon.

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