This New Instagram Trend Is Pretty Much Turning Everyone Into Models

There’s a new Instagram trend that’s been circulating lately, and it’s giving women everywhere the height they need to look taller and more modelesque in their photos. The new trend called “Barbie Feet” (yes, you read that right) has been showing up all over Instagram in some of our favorite celebs photos, and it pretty much makes anyone look taller and leaner!

For those of us not blessed with model height, there is now a pose that women everywhere are doing to give the illusion that they are taller than they are. The “Barbie Feet” pose is the latest go-to trend when you’re not wearing your sky-high stilettos. Ladies on the ‘gram are pointing their toes as if they are wearing heels (like Barbie’s permanent foot pose) to give their followers slay-worthy photos and long faux legs for days!

Celebs everywhere have pretty much mastered their positioning and have been posting their photos where they look like they have mile-long legs.

Our favorite sibling sisters the Kardashians were blessed with many things, unfortunately for sisters Kim, Kourtney and Kylie, height wasn’t one of them. Naturally, when pictured next to her supermodel sister Kendall Jenner, the height difference quickly becomes pretty obvious. Now with the latest “Barbie Feet” pose along with a perfect angle, Kourtney, at just five feet tall, now fits in with her younger sister and the rest of her supermodel friends.

Speaking of supermodel friends, although they don’t need it, many of today’s models like Jasmine Tookes, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Chanel Iman have also been photographed with their “Barbie Feet” when they’re not strutting their stuff in heels.

And for those wondering if the “Barbie Feet” pose works only when you’re barefoot and in a bikini, fear not because the optical illusion of long legs works when you’re sitting or even when you’re in sneakers!

Ladies, this looks like a major win for us all around.

What’re your thoughts on the “Barbie Feet” trend? Are you here for it or not? Will you be trying it in your photos?


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