A Teen Saved Her Boyfriend’s Life After He Was Struck By Lightning

An innocent camping trip for a young couple turned into a life and death situation, which fortunately thanks to 18-year-old Juliette Moore no one’s life was lost. On July 7 Moore and her boyfriend Isaiah Cormier, 18, went camping in Nederland, Colorado. During their trip, Cormier was struck by lightning and Moore saved his life.

She found her boyfriend of two years face down on the ground without a pulse because he was struck by lightning. Moore took a CPR class only a month before and used her new found skills to bring her boyfriend back from life.

“I only had to do one round, and he came back and started gasping,” she explained to ABC affiliate The Denver Channel. “And he stopped breathing again, so I gave him a second round of CPR after that he was breathing and doing alright.”

Before she started performing CPR she called for help. She only had two percent battery left on her phone but managed to call 911 before it died.

According to CBS 4, the two were camping near Ruby Gluch in Boulder County. They just set up their tent near some trees and were going to take shelter because the storm was starting, but then Cormier was struck by lightning.

Cormier believes he was struck because he was wearing headphones around his neck. The lightning first struck a tree near him. The lightning entered his neck and exited his right foot and avoided internal organs.

After CPR another camper helped get Cormier into the car and drive to the emergency team that was waiting for them off the highway. He was brought to the hospital and luckily survived.

“He wouldn’t have survived if she didn’t know CPR,” said Dr. Anne Wagner, medical director for the UCHealth Burn Center, to CBS 4. “It’s a super high voltage injury that transfers through the body. It does a lot of its damage under the skin.”

Dr. Wagner said that only two of her patients ever survived a lightning strike because they’re not around people who know CPR.

The young couple are both heading to Montana State University in the fall. “There was kind of a moment when I was giving him CPR. Not yet. I’ve got too much to do with this person,” Moore said. “I got a lot of stuff I need to do with you so you’re not allowed to leave yet.”

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