5 Texts To Send After A First Date If You Want A Second

So you just went on a great first date, you’re excited and you want to see them again but how exactly do you go about that? It’s totally easy to overthink it all and be unsure of what to do next. Dating does involve trial and error, some strategic playing hard to get and a lot of blah, blah, blah.

If you had a good first date and you want to see the person again then let them know. Don’t play games! Waiting till the next day is generally a good time frame because it gives both of you time to process the date and doesn’t come off as overly eager. But, if your date texts you then definitely reply if you want a second date!

Don’t hear from them but you felt like the date went really well? Here are 5 text messages to send them if you want to see them again!

Suggest Something You Talked About On the Date

So maybe it’s a new movie coming out or a new sushi restaurant you both expressed interest about.  Whatever it was, it’s a great opportunity to reconnect an hang out together. Send a text like, “Had a great time last night, we should go to ‘insert what you talked about together’ sometime soon!” Something along the lines of that is a good text to send.

Comment On Something About The Date

Some maybe you had the best tacos of your life or the best cocktail. Send a text like, “Hey I had a great time last night, still thinking about that margarita!” Or whatever else stood out to you. This way it’ll start a conversation and lets them know that you genuinely enjoyed your time with them.

Let Them Know When Your Free

Giving them a time to hang out is probably the best way to ask. You only want to send a text like this if you talked about plans of meeting with each other again on the date. Something like, “Hey! I had a great time last night.  I’m busy for a few days but I’m free on Saturday!” is a good bet.

Compliment Them

Boosting their ego or complimenting them is a good and flirty move to make.  Let them know what stood out to you! Maybe they’re super funny or keep you on your toes. Send a text like, “I had a great time with you, I like hanging out with people that make me laugh!” Something along the lines of that is good and a flirty, compliment is even better!

Clearly Say You Want To Meet Up Again

Making yourself clear and asserting what you want is a good thing. Send a text like, “I had a great time, we should totally hang out again!” It’s clear, gets the point across and takes away all the guesswork.

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