10 Things To Do On Your Downtime That Don’t Deal With Technology

In the world of social media and technology becoming a part of our everyday lives, it can sometimes be hard to put down your phone, shut off your laptop and do something that has nothing to do with technology.

However, being able to step away and do things that don’t involve is pretty important to your health. Social media can be pretty toxic and cause some serious anxiety and pressure, especially on today’s youth and young adults. Here are some things that can relax you and take you away from technology on days when you just need a break.

Make A ‘To-Do’ list

Sometimes we just need a bit of order and a clearer sense of what needs to be done and when. Sitting down, grabbing your notebook, and listing out the things you need to do does not only feel refreshing but also super therapeutic.


This inexpensive activity can be a fun and creative afternoon for yourself. It’s a relaxing yet exciting process to self-teach on colors, ideas, etc.

Start Journaling

This fun and easy activity is one that many people start doing then give up or look over. However, it can be a much-needed opportunity in order to become in tune with your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Make A Vision Board

If you’re feeling a bit stumped on what to do for the future and where you see yourself going, a physical board of things can make stuff make a whole lot of more sense. It’s a great way to see your goals every single day and make you more willing to achieve them.

Join A Book Club

Reading can feel like a chore to some people but once you start and sit down with a good book, it makes you feel a lot more creative and knowledgeable. With all the different kinds of books in the world, being able to sit down and just gossip on what you all just read can be fun and exciting, plus, it helps you meet up and spend time with friends.

Play Some Board Games

An old-school way of passing time and having fun. Getting together with a good group of friends, family or significant other can make it exciting and a good way to have some friendly competition. It’s also a fun way to challenge your brain and really have you thinking.

Start A Garden

From succulents that grow in pots to growing real food in your backyard, the opportunities are endless. Not only does it keep you working hard but its a great way to get outside or connect with the environment more!

Organize Your Space

Sometimes when our space is a mess, its hard to really get anything done. From your closet, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Or even if you have a large chunk of time and feel like you want to change things up. Feng Shui is super real.

Cook Something New

Even if you aren’t an expert in the kitchen, find a recipe online that sounds delicious, grab the ingredients from the store if you don’t already have them at home, and follow it step by step! Not only is a great way to figure out something new to make in the kitchen, but you can never go wrong with homemade food!

Connect With Your Environment 

It is fairly easy to be in our own world walking down the street or being glued to your phone when your out in a new place. Its important to be able to look around and observe the world that’s around you. From people to places to things, etc. Being in tune with the world around you can keep you grounded and feeling a lot more calm. Social media can wait, pay attention to what’s going on.

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