This Ice Cream Sundae Costs More Than Your Rent

The summer months mean ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream. It’s the best way to cool yourself off in the summer heat, while also getting your sugar fix. Typically a scoop of ice cream only costs a few bucks, if you want to ball out you’ll buy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen-Dazs. At most you’ll be shelling out around $15 give or take. But would you ever spend $1,500 on a scoop of ice cream?

With $1,500 you could pay your rent (if you don’t live in New York City, a few months of rent), go on a shopping spree, buy a new MacBook and so much more. The ice cream that costs $1,500 is called “Bear Extraordinaire” and you can find it at the Baccarat Hotel New York in Manhattan.

The most expensive ice cream in America debuted on July 11. So what’s in this ice cream that makes it $1,500? The pastry chef Rosario Wakabayashi told CNBC that the base is a vanilla ice cream that is made with important vanilla beans from Madagascar.

This $1,500 ice cream is the most expensive in America — here's what you get:

— CNBC (@CNBC) July 11, 2018

The Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream is then covered in a white chocolate shell that is handpainted with colored cocoa butter. There is also 3 grams of black truffle, high-end Manjari dark chocolate and Valrhona Gold Cocoa nibs on the sundae. A hibiscus champagne sauce with citrus meringue surrounds the slavish scoop of ice cream. While sugar strands, fondant butterflies and edible gold and silver leafing sit on top and around the dish.

Even the bowl that the dish is served in is expensive. The Baccarat “Zoo Bear” crystal bowl costs $1,200 and is where the sundae gets its name and high price from. People who buy the dessert get to keep the porcelain and glass bowl, which are individually numbered and signed.

You can order the lavish treat in a regular bowl, so then the sundae will cost you a total of $300, which is still ridiculous.

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