7 Tips For Taking The Best Candid Photo

Candids are my favorite type of photo. They look like you don’t take yourself too seriously but when done correctly, or taken at the perfect moment, they’re a great addition to any Instagram feed. They give off this ‘I’m cute but I don’t even have to try hard to look that way’ sort of vibe. They also don’t look like you’re totally posed, staring straight into the camera with your hand on your hip.

Honestly, lots of Instagram photos are at least somewhat posed but there are definitely ways to make them look more relaxed are carefree!

Here are some tips for nailing a candid, cute photo.

Have your friend take a TON of pictures.

When I say a ton, I mean have your friend rapidly snap away. Move around, laugh, do what feels right and if your friend takes 100 photos, there will have to be at least one good one, right? You can delete all the bad ones after but at the moment, take tons of photos. All the Instagram influencer that you follow have 100 bad photos for every good one they post!

Try not to feel embarrassed.

Ok, this one is hard because if you’re taking pictures in public and people are starring, you’re going to feel embarrassed. Just remember, this is a few minutes of your life and you’re never going to see any of these people again. Never! Once you get that ingrained into your head, people starring won’t matter as much.

Do a fake cough.

Oh yes, do a long, cough sort of laugh. It’s like a cough meshed with a smile! Sounds bizarre but that’s how you achieve that, ‘I’m laughing but I look sort of cute‘ pose that gives off that carefree vibe. If you don’t want to cough, smiling and fake laughing while looking around works too. It gives off a happy vibe.

Move around!

Moving around or walking really adds to the candid feeling because your photo won’t look posed. Remember if you’re walking around, have your friend or whoever is taking your picture go rapid-fire with the photos! Some may turn out blurry since you’re moving but again if you take a ton, one will work! Also, pro-tip, walk or move around in slow motion so all you’re pictures aren’t completely blurry.

Fix your hair.

Ok sounds corny, but trust, fixing your hair can turn into a really cute candid photo. It’s also a good option if you don’t want to look at the camera or want to focus on your outfit like above! A little posed, a little candid but overall cute and carefree!

Sip your coffee.

Look like you’re sipping your coffee but not really because you don’t want the sucked in fish lips. Sipping your coffee will look nonchalant and like a picture is the last thing on your mind.

Don’t look straight at the camera.

Look around, maybe at the ground, to the side or whichever. Just keep it natural because not looking at the camera will add to the candid feel.

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