5 Instagram Health Products To Stay Away From




It began with Instagram models selling fit-tea to their followers to guarantee them a flat stomach just like there’s.  We know that’s a scam and unfortunately, there is a lot of other health products floating around Instagram that are not good for you!

Here a list of 5 Instagram health products that you need to stay away from!

Flat Tummy Tea


Many celebrities on Instagram advertise this tea as one of their best-kept diet secrets. These teas work to dehydrate you so you end up losing water weight and look less bloated.  You’ll gain that water weight back the next day.  It does nothing long term for weight or fat loss.

Weight Loss Supplements


There are tons of different ones on Instagram.  They’re usually the posts with the drastic before/after photos. These supplements like the tea, dehydrate the body and lead to water weight loss.  If it sounds too good to be true it is.  There’s not a secret to rapid weight loss, unfortunately!  Eating healthy and exercising often is the way to go.

Waist Trainers


The Kardashians went hard with the waist trainers on Instagram a few years ago, crediting them for their unreal, hourglass figures. Sucking in your waist will make you look skinnier but waist trainers received a lot of backlash for the health problems they caused.  Some users experienced blood clots from decreased blood flow! They really harm your body so stay away.

Appetite Suppressing Lollipops


These are the newest diet fad to be advertised on Instagram.  Kim Kardashian posted them on her feed and got tons of backlash! Why? These lollipops suppress appetite.  Your body needs food and if you’re hungry eat!  These lollipops condone unhealthy eating habits.

Hair Gummies


Sugar Bear hair gummies seem like the answer to the get the lush hair that every girl on the Bachelor has. They all do sponsored posts with Sugar Bear hair but that’s not the answer. (A lot of them have extensions!)  These vitamins help with hair growth somewhat but they’re overhyped and overpriced.  A simple biotin supplement would do the job and save you money.

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