Top 5 Silly Arguments Every Couple Goes Through At Least Once

For the most part, relationships are filled with happiness, laughter, and memories that keep on growing. As your relationship gets stronger, you and your partner get closer, which also means you two begin to spend more time together and learn almost everything about the other person. While that can open doors to building a healthier relationship it also can open doors to little arguments along the way.

You all have been in that situation where you and your partner argue over who didn’t take out the trash or who left the takeout box out overnight, remember that one? No matter how long the argument lasts a majority of the time it somehow dissolves into nothing, and you two end up laughing about it later.

Here is a list of the top 5 silliest arguments you’ve had at least once with your partner, that shouldn’t have ever been a fight in the first place.

Who Ate The Last…Anything

No matter if you two are living together or just spend a lot of time at one person’s house, food gets shared. You start making meals together and even grocery shop together. For the most part, everything is fine, you both enjoy cooking with one another and actually grow closer as a couple.

However, sharing food means someone is going to finish that favorite bag of chips the other is hoping to eat when they get home. This turns into some sort of argument of who bought the chips and who likes them more, causing a fight. If you take a step back and realize it’s only a bag of chips and a few crunches of food, most of the time the battle ends and you two laugh about it later in the night.

When You Can’t Decide Where To Eat

The ultimate relationship dilemma, what to eat for dinner. After a long day at work the only thing on your minds is what you want to eat for dinner, but for some reason, it’s almost impossible to pick a place. The typical “I don’t care, you choose,” line gets thrown around until one of you puts their foot down and picks a place.

Even after someone picks where to eat there might be a disagreement bringing you back to square one. If this is the case, make a choice between two options see if both of you can agree on one and if not, flip a coin and go with that option. It’s quick and easy especially if the two of you are starting to get hangry.


When They’re Messier Than You Realized

The more time you spend with someone means, the more you get to know the “real” them. That means growing to love things you didn’t know about them, but also realizing other stuff you don’t enjoy so much. One big issue that comes up a lot is one is messier than the other. That can be as small as leaving an empty cup on the nightstand one time too many or as big as well, never picking up after themselves, like ever.

Instead of getting angry every time they do this, bring it up and let them know it bothers you. Odds are they have been living on their own for so long that they don’t even realize they’ve fallen into the habit and would kindly be more cautious of their actions if they knew it upset you.

When You’re Late To Something

Whether you are the kind of person that has to be early to everything you do or seem to always be at least five minutes late, you’re going to run into that one time you two are super late to something.

Instead of throwing a fit and getting both of you riled up, take a deep breath and just do the best you can. If you’re already late, there’s no turning back. Making it a big deal will only cause you two fight and then show up to the event upset and flustered from the moment you walk in.

When They Steal The Sheets At Night

Nothing beats cuddling up with your partner after a long day at work or after an action-packed weekend. Sleeping next to each other always helps you unwind and de-stress from your day. However, after you two get to sleep, your partner seems to somehow steal the covers, like every night.

Even though it’s frustrating and annoying there’s no sense in getting mad at someone who is doing things in their sleep, it’s not like they’re purposely taking the sheets from you to make you cold. Try starting your night with more sheets on your side or sleep with a blanket just in case they do steal the sheets, that way you won’t be left shivering in the middle of the night while they’re fast asleep.

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