Halsey’s Icy Reference To Ex-Boyfriend G-Eazy Is Low-Key Savage

When Halsey announced her split with G-Eazy via Instagram on July 3rd, she mentioned that she wanted to “keep things private”, and thanked her fans for respecting her privacy. This seemed to be where the news about the two musicians would end, but Halsey, weeks after announcing the break-up, had some choice words about her relationship, as well as a blatant reference to herself and her ex.

As of July 16th, the “Bad at Love” singer is currently on her world tour for her album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, and when she performed in her home state of New Jersey, Halsey shared some Dua Lipa-level relationship advice based on her breakup with G-Eazy.

She told her fans “I learned recently it’s OK to be alone! Being alone is enough,” before saying, “Just don’t sleep with your ex.” To which the crowd cheered. Since her breakup, Halsey has removed all traces of her former boyfriend from her social media, the two have since unfollowed each other, and there have been no public signs of drama coming from either of them, so this revelation has become quite a shock! While it’s sound advice, there seem to be signs pointing to a bold remark on the singer’s behalf.

Halsey is an artist that prides herself on being brutally honest with her fans about her music, her life, and her well-being. The singer also cried on July 6th during a concert and was seen wiping tears away while singing lyrics from her song, “Sorry”.


Fans have been speculating on what has been going on with the singer’s love life, based on the slightly cryptic Tweets she has made over the past couple of days since Halsey made their split public. One specific Tweet, just reading, “pumpkin eater”, has fans wondering if she is referencing the old rhyme “Cheater, Cheater, pumpkin eater, had a wife and couldn’t keep her”.

The tour for her album seems to be allowing the singer to release a lot of the feelings she’s been having throughout her breakup. Through it all, she seems to have stayed true to her brutally honest self, which is what so many of her fans love her for!

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