Goodwill’s New “Curated” Boutique Is Adorable & Easy On Your Wallet

Thrift stores are always a fun place to find new, and unexpected pieces, and are especially fun to visit with friends! They give you the amazing feeling of finding something super cute, for less than half of the original price. However, it can sometimes be hard to find those new items in thrift store chains that are almost overwhelming to be in, because of all the stuff that you find that you don’t want within them!

Goodwill has the solution to this problem, with their new store, named, “Curated by Goodwill NYNJ”! Curated is a vintage store geared towards a young adult demographic, and is more upscale than its classic store. Curated is full of much trendier pieces and is a much more stylized store in more ways than one!

The cool thing about Curated is that the concept was created by four students at FIT as part of a contest by Goodwill, to create a shopping experience that is more relevant to today’s consumers! Curated is a store that will feature items curated by multiple stylists, selected from the stock at Goodwill locations! Finally, an entire thrift store with only the best things to offer!

The CEO of Goodwill’s New York and New Jersey Branch, Katy Gaul-Stigge, was quoted saying, “We designed Curated as a distinct shopping experience to introduce shoppers concerned with the waste and pollution that fast fashion causes, to a stylish, affordable alternative.” She then goes on to say,  “Because Curated is part of Goodwill, conscious shoppers triple their impact. Their purchases create jobs locally, result in positive environmental outcomes for the global community, and they find unique pieces that keep New Yorkers ahead of the trends.” Though Curated seems to just be a more upscale version of Goodwill, the company is still dedicated to creating local jobs and reducing waste within the fashion industry, which makes us extra excited about this store!

The only downside about Curated is that the clothing sold at this particular store will be priced higher than normal Goodwill items. For example, a shirt will be $10 or more at Curated, while a shirt would be $5 or under at Goodwill. This is because the clothes at Curated are more desired, and are marketed as a step up from shopping at your normal Goodwill.

Nonetheless, we’re still excited to see more of what Curated has to offer, while it only has one store, located at 217 West 79th Street, New York, NY 10024, the company is hoping to open more in the future!

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