It’s World Emoji Day, So Let’s See What The Most Famous Emojis Really Mean

Emojis are great for embellishing your text messages and captions. Whether they make your text messages funnier or allow you to subtly throw shade… side eyes I’m talking to you, we all use them at least once in a while.  There’s tons of emojis and everyone has their favorites, I’m a big fan of the laughing, crying emoji which is actually called the ‘tears of joy’ face.

July 17th is World Emoji day! Some of them are easier to decipher than others so let’s take a crack at what your favorite emojis actually mean!

Unamused Face

This a staple in my emoji use. It’s known as the ‘unamused face.’ Pretty spot on though it really does look like a side-eye face.

Grimacing Face

This is known as the ‘grimacing face.’ Also appropriately, ‘awkward,’ or ‘eek’ face.

Anger Symbol

The faces are easier to decipher than the symbols! This seems like the token angry emoji but there is actually an ‘anger symbol.’ This is the ‘anger symbol’ and honestly, who would have known?

Monkey Emojis

So there are three different monkey emojis. We have the ‘see no evil monkey,’ the ‘hear no evil monkey’ and the ‘speak no evil monkey.’ Who knew the monkey emojis were actually that thought over? I just thought they were cheeky!

Hourglass not done

This is the ‘hourglass no done.’


The peach emoji or the butt emoji? Both.

Woman Tipping Hand

The ‘Woman Tipping Hand.’  It’s actually more than just a sassy, hey me pose.

New Moon Face

This is the ‘new moon face.’ Also appropriate for side eye or wtf face.


For all of us out there, we have the ‘princess emoji.’ This one is pretty easy to decipher.

You can check here to see what all your favorite emoji’s mean!

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