In Honor Of World Emoji Day, Here Are Some Of Apple’s Latest Designs

In ninth grade, I wanted nothing more than for Apple to create a volleyball emoji. They had a bunch of symbols to represent other, more popular sports, but nothing for the game that I dedicated hundreds of hours to from each August to October. I remember sitting beside a teammate after practice one day and writing a strongly worded letter to Apple insisting that there needed to be a volleyball emoji. In hindsight, it was desperate and borderline demanding, but damn it, I wanted that emoji.

Since then, emojis have come a long way and I’m happy to say that I did eventually get my volleyball–but it honestly pales in comparison next to the symbols that are coming to your iPhone next fall. It was announced in February that Unicode, which is responsible for selecting new emoji, had approved a set for the fall, but today we’ve gotten even more information. In honor of World Emoji Day 2018, Apple has released some of the official designs for the emoji that we will be able to use come September.

Though Apple didn’t reveal every design, the preview that it has provided is enough to get emoji enthusiasts excited about the new collection. Users who generally stick to the traditional smiley face emoji will be pleased to learn that there are going to be a bunch of new options. You’ll be able to use the “puppy face” emoji for when you want to guilt someone into helping you out and the frozen face that’s blue with icicles hanging off of the mouth for when it snows (or when someone turns up the AC too high). A blushing smiley surrounded by small red hearts will give you a new way to express your affection. The party face emoji is ready to celebrate whenever with its birthday hat, party horn, and multicolored confetti.

If you like to get a little more creative with your messages, which I do, you’ll be ecstatic about the plethora of other designs. Apple is giving us a bunch of awesome animals, including a parrot, a lobster, a kangaroo, and a peacock. For the foodies out there, scrumptious new additions include a lettuce emoji, a mango, a cake with a super fancy decoration, and an adorably sprinkled cupcake. A more diverse arrange of hobbies will be covered with the new update, including a bubbling test tube for scientists, a ball of yarn for knitters, and a softball. (How did we not have a softball already?)

Perhaps most importantly, the set of new emoji strives to increase diversity amongst the characters in our digital messages in order to reflect the diversity of our actual world. There are finally going to be redhead men and women, as well as men and women with white hair (because some grandparents are tech-savvy and some young people go gray early). Apple is adding not only hair colors but also hair textures; there will now be a man and a woman with curly hair. Or if you want to go in the complete other direction, there will also be a bald man and a bald woman.

We’re also going to get male and female superheroes, along with an infinity sign and an evil eye. The Unicode employees have to keep themselves entertained at work somehow!

Overall, we are going to have access to 157 new emoji once the update is released and the possibilities are endless.

If you’re planning to post something about them on social media, don’t forget to use the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay.

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