Top 5 Craziest Ice Cream Flavors To Quench Your Summer Cravings


Everyone has their favorite flavor of ice cream, from classics like vanilla and chocolate to decadent flavors like birthday cake and moose tracks, just to name a few. No matter what your favorite flavor may be, everyone shares one thing in common, ice cream and summer is the best duo around.

What would you say if your favorite ice cream shop sold ice cream with charcoal and sea salt or made a flavor that resembled avocado toast? Would you try it or would you stick to your same old boring flavors?

Check out these top five craziest ice cream flavors you have to try this summer. Try them now and thank us later.

Everything B&W Sammie

Ice & Vice is an ice cream shop in New York, NY who focus on experimenting with flavors and handcraft each one. They offer flavors like Frosé, Pina Colada, Ice cream sandwiches, and more.

One of their most stand out flavors is the Everything B&W Sammie. They take their Mexican vanilla and black bean salt lava ice cream and put it between two cookies, one black, and one white. What makes the sammie unique is that they roll the ice cream in everything bagel seasoning to finish it off.

Salty Carmel Ash

Frankie & Jo’s is a plant-based ice cream shop based out of Seattle Washington. From making their own cashew milk daily to developing recipes with vegetables that are in season and most importantly creating flavors that will “radically shift the way you think about ice cream.”

With flavors that come from beets, dates, kale and other unlikely ice cream sources, the one that sticks out the most is their Salty Carmel Ash. Created from cashew milk, cane sugar, sea salt, and activated charcoal.

This ice cream not only tastes unique but looks unique and that always makes for a perfect Instagram picture.

Basil Lemonade & Blood Orange Mimosa Sorbet

Just down the road from Frankie and Jo’s is an entirely different ice cream shop, Cupcake Royal. Also based out of Seattle, WA, Cupcake Royal was the first cupcake bakery and cafe located in Seattle. From cupcakes to coffee to ice cream this bakery has it all.

From decadent year-round flavors like red velvet cupcake ice cream and fresh mint and fudge ribbon, Cupcake Royal offers some sweet treats. The bakery also offers seasonal flavors like Basil Lemonade and Blood Orange Mimosa sorbet that well, pretty much explains itself.

Keep your eyes open for the next time this delicious treat is available.

You Can Call Me Babs

Bliss Street Creamery is a small creamery based out of Queens, NY. They handcraft small batches of ice cream using local and organic ingredients as often as possible. The company also tries to stick with the season when it comes to their flavors while adding a Queens kick to each one.

One of their most popular and unique flavors, You Can Call Me Babs, is made from fresh tarragon steeped overnight and then swirled with tart rhubarb or “Babs.” This herbaceous flavored ice cream will be your perfect summer treat.

Avocado Toast

Sweet Peaks is an ice cream shop based out of Whitefish Montana and has expanded to over 5 stores since 2010. Sweet Peaks focuses on artisan flavors of ice cream while being created from ingredients from the “mountains West and beyond.”

The shop offers flavors like Mountain Mint and Huckleberry that sticks to their Montana roots. They also provide seasonal flavors and the one that’s stood out from the rest, Avocado Toast.

That’s right the infamous avocado toast has made its way into ice cream. Next time this flavor comes out, go ahead and be basic, it’s avocado toast and ice cream, what could be more basic than that?

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